ByRuben Meloney Acuña, writer at
Ruben Meloney Acuña

Has anyone read this book about a girl that moved to Spain and found a world of supernatural there? Selena Riley decided to live with her military father Tim Riley but he is always gone on secret missions. She has fallen for a guy that she never knew existed a vampire. Jesse wants her as bad as she wants him but is trying his hardest to resist his feelings and so does she. they end up drawn together unable to stay away no matter how hard they try. there is just one problem.

someone wants her. BADLY. a shapeshifter. who goes to great lengths to get her. but would it be fair for me to ruin what happens in the book. no, i dont think so you have to read it and find out what happens. can you figure out what supernatural being she is but never had a clue until now.


What do you think about the book


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