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I loves to watch superheroes,Star Wars, horror movies(only good ones), movies based on the book., and action heroes.
Gabriel Stropes

Here are my own Suicide Squad that are not related to DC or Marvel characters.

First one is Godzilla because he is huge, powerful, have empowered by nuclear radiation including atomic breath.

second one is Darth Vader from Star Wars because he was Chosen One.

Third is Pazuzu from Exorcist because he is very evil and powerful and hard to defeat. able to get through anything.

fourth is Alex mercer from Prototype video games. He able to shape-shift anything and create his own weapons and power to deal tough situations. Even though, he can change into anyone to get through like security or anything.

Fifth is Michael Myers from Halloween. He is very bland and bold. He is also very stealthy type of people and very quiet to kill bad enemies. He also never dies.

Sixth and final powerful member of the team is Bagul from Sinister. He can able to consume enemies' kids' souls and make kids remind all wrongdoers all things they have done and haunt them. He can also travel between worlds, and have vast dark powers.

these are my own suicide Squad team members are very easier and powerful to work together in anyway and own ways.


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