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James Gunn has possibly delivered the harshest blow to Avengers fans when he announced that Kang, possibly the most popular Avengers villain is owned by FOX. At first glance, there's much room for anger and outrage but to understand why and how this is, you have to go back to the character's origin.

Kang first appeared as named under the title of Marvel's "Avengers" in issue #8, but previous to that, the character's origin was a year previous under a different name, Rama-Tut. Rama-Tut first appears under the title of Marvel's "Fantastic Four" in issue #19 and whose name real name in the Marvel Universe is Nathaniel Richards a distant relative of Reed Richards. Now having this knowledge the first appearance of Rama-Tut will surely rise in value as those FOX Fantastic Four and X-Men franchise fans can cross their fingers and hope for an appearance of one of Marvel's biggest villains long assumed to be under the ownership of Marvel Studios.

During a question and answer session on Facebook with fans, James Gunn had this to say:

“Shi’ar and Kang are both owned by Fox,”

It really is upsetting after anticipating a Kang appearance in Marvel's Avengers film series after a wrap-up of Thanos and possibly Adam Warlock as a potential Magus story with the Infinity Gauntlet. I'm sure there are still plenty of options for Marvel to use, but when Marvel fans consider a top 10 list of Marvel villains, it's now apparent that Marvel themselves own very few of them.

It's now time for fans to light a fire under Disney and get them to offer something outrageous to get back the movie rights for Fantastic Four, because apparently the jewels attached to that particular franchise are too good. Deep in my heart I want to provoke a boycott of Fantastic Four so that my love for Marvel Studios and a potential union of more of my favorite characters can share a universe as it should be!

Well I hope this clarifies a few things for those who are currently outraged, but it's OK if you're STILL outraged, because so am I.

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