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I was the huge fan of Smallville and I am still disappointed after ten years that they worked Clark kent through his year to become Superman. They casted Henry Cavill instead. I am still disappointed that they casted ben Affleck. They also included Cyborg instead Martian Manhunter.

Here is my own cast of Justice League team members

Tom Welling As Superman

He should have gone to next level from TV to silver screen to show the true superman in modern world.

Christian Bale as Batman

He also played for three films then should be open role to the team.

Rileah Vanderbilt as Wonder Woman

There was short film went viral in rainfall to show that she and her character would still work as silver screen. I am still little disappointed in Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. I am surprised that they ignored that short film and not ask her to be part of hollywood.

Ryan Kwanten as Flash/Barry Allen

Barry Allen did not show up in Smallville. Bart Allen was played by Kyle Gallner.He is still part of his life somewhere.

Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern

He should deserve another chance with better writing. It is not his fault that movie was bad.

Phil Morris as Martian Manhunter

Alan Richman as Aquaman

These are all united seven of Justice league members that should have done. This is for Smallville and Nolan's batman's huge fans would agree in this as I believe.


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