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Phase 1

Iron Man-8/10

I like the how Iron Man grew in his character until in the end was ruined by saying "I am Iron Man" to the world which lead to the huge disaster in Iron Man 2 was pretty dumb. Instead that ending, He should have hooked up with Pepper Potts then flies off the building.

Post credit-still the same because it is the good start as introduction of Nick fury and trigger to The Avenger's foreshadowing.

Incredible Hulk- 6/10

This movie should have same cast from Hulk(2003) and should have worked as reboot with same story that took off ending of Hulk(2003). On how Bruce deal with his problem. The rest of story in reboot remain the same with different,but stick to the same look as villain Abomination from the comics. It is nothing same from the comics. The fight scenes is pretty good and ending with Betty and her father general on how they trusted Bruce as hero is pretty good as well.

Post credit-It should have little more humor with Tony and general on how general react to his plan with Hulk.

Iron Man 2- 5/10

I didn't like how Tony beat himself up as drunk and negative and acting stupid. I like Don Cheadle as War Machine. Instead, if this story with little added to the story, keep Whiplash, and add Zeke Stane to the story who made robot into a bomb instead of people because it already done in Iron Man 3(explain later)as revenge after he thought Tony killed his father from first movie. This movie should not have Black Widow at all. Pepper Potts should engaged as pre-Rescue since she is with Tony and inspires her to defense herself. She helped Tony through difficult situation with two villains. This would make the better story.

post credit- remain the same


There are some parts I didnt like is that thor does not wear his helmet throughout movie when necessary like in the comics. They shouldnt involved hawkeye because he is not part of original avengers included Black Widow. I like the rest of story on how Thor deal with his banishment and how Loki betray him. How thor handled to get back to Asgard to stop Loki. I like how Loki fall off that lead to the Avengers movie.

post credit- remain the same.

Captain America:The First Avenger-9/10

I did not like how they cast Chris Evans as captain America as second hero after he played Human Torch. I think Jensen Ackles should have played him somehow.

Post credit- remain the same.

The Avengers-7/10

i did not like when they ditched the respectfully original source of the avengers included Antman and Wasp which should have been worked through in this. instead Black Widow's scene, introduction of Antman and Wasp should have fitted in along with Maria Hill introducing herself as Nick Fury's assistant. She can recruit them. Betty get phone call from Maria that they need Bruce's help so Betty went over to his place(same place in the movie as taking Black Widow's place) Betty would be less stranger to Bruce. I dislike how they wrote Steve's storyline that should have where he visit Peggy Carter and owed her dance until Sharon came over to introduce herself and get to meet Steve after Peggy told her. It have Good vibe from Titanic movie when old Rose told her granddaughter and other people the story behind the painting they found. It is how Sharon heard from Peggy and her story with Steve. She able to meet Steve for first time and really like him secretly already. Sharon is taking this situation very seriously by inform her that Nick Fury sent her to recruit him that Loki have broke out of the place and took some people in hostage as mind control. I like the part where Agent Coulson recruit Tony. The Avengers came together at Shield Helicarrier. Antman is same as Paul Rudd as Henry Pym instead Scott Lang. Wasp is same as Evangeline Lilly instead her character Hope Pym, so her name would be Janet Dyne. Henry Pym will have grain of salt when he soft argue or abuse with her with sense of humor instead of serious argue or abuse. They should have taken place as Black Widow and Hawkeye except none of them in mind control at all. Loki's plan is remain the same,but he met up with mysterious person who turned out is Red Skull that he is fan of his plan. Red Skull suggest that his Hydra will take over people's freedom when the Alien invasion begins. Red Skull hoping to work together with Loki. This movie should last same length as Titanic or Avatar with nonstop action pack. I really enjoy Thor's entry in this movie. Maria Hill should take Black Widow's place when she is on earphone with Nick Fury. Let go through this movie with some change and add some elements, When Loki told crowd to kneel, Iron man, Captain America, and Wasp stopped Loki. After Loki was captured, Wasp was talking to Henry on Bluetooth to keep updated when Henry was working on his device(hint:giant man). Thor's entrance is remain the same and his fight with Iron man and Captain America is remain the same. Wasp and Maria Hill found Loki and arrested him. Loki's plan to unleashed Hulk is remain the same, but Betty try to calm him. Thor pushed Betty out of way to protect her. Thor vs Hulk is remain the same. Hydra freed Loki and Thor caught him. Phil Coulson's death is remain the same. Thor being ejected is remain the same. Nick Fury's speech for Phil Coulson's death is remain the same. Dr.Selvig in under mind control is remain the same as he help Loki to open the portal for aliens to get through which he did and he laughed like crazy and annoying very similar to the prophet who sacrifice Andromeda to Kraken liken hyserical(from Clash of the Titans,2010). Helicarrier's damage scene is remain the same when Captain America and Iron Man work together. The Avengers saw the aliens is all over the city and earth. iron man fought through aliens to get to his tower to get different suits, but Loki was there. Tony and Loki's scene is remain the same. Captain America,Wasp,Antman,Maria Hill, and Nick Fury flew to the city. Thor flew and caught Dr.Selvig going crazy. Thor buttheaded him with his helmet to knocked him out taking place where Black Widow knocked Hawkeye out in the movie played out. Thor and Loki's scene where Thor beg him that not too late to end it remain the same.(add little more emotional scene for their former brother relationship how Loki betray him and how Thor still cares about him.) Wasp flew Antman out of jet. Wasp dropped Antman off then he enlarge into Giant Man. He have begun to fight the alien along with Wasp. This movie should added little more action with Antman somewhere that i cant really think of anything. This battle at new York is remain the same except Hulk jumped in and stop the giant alien with Giant man's help. Instead Loki command Hulk to stop and get beat up, Loki should use his scepter to put hulk in mind control(similar to Scarlet Witch did in Avengers 2),beating up Loki in mind control,but darker take, but more hilarious of it when Hulk threw Loki off the building when he scream in pain. Red Skull is presence in the New York city to terrorize the civilians of the city until The Avengers end the Portal with iron man's sacrifice is remain the same. After Portal is closed by Maria Hill instead Black Widow. I really like the part when black Widow jumped up on to alien;s vehicle, but it would be more awesome Maria Hill would take that place. Nick Fury will have more action in this movie instead standing around up in the helicarrier like lazy old man let Avengers do the work for him. Really,Come on, I was expect more from him from beginning in Iron man 2008, but he turned out more lazy and boring character, all he does is talk and less action with just shooting his couple guns. Instead captain America help black Widow get on Alien;s vehicle, Nick Fury would help Maria to get on. This type of action would be more enjoyable and non stop like least one hour and half battle lot longer than the movie. Hulk will be the last problem when he is in mind control and unstop rage. Whole Avengers had to try and stop him and try to calm him until Iron man had his last trick up in his sleeve is iron Hulk buster and he would mentioned after he heard the story from Hulk(2003) and his conversation with general ross in Incredible Hulk's post credit. Iron Man would finally stop Hulk(remain the same fight from Avengers 2 should be in this). It would be half similar to the animated movie called 'Ultimate Avengers the movie', but before Hulk get knocked out Thor threw his hammer right in his face. It would be epic. Iron man,Captain America,Thor,Wasp, Giant man,Maria Hill, and Nick Fury were waiting for Hulk to wake up and he is back to normal. Hulk suddenly growl at Loki trying to escape. The Avengers went after him, but Giant man knocked Loki down from running away. The Avengers is huddling around Loki like end of The Avengers movies. Loki would comment about that drink Tony offer,but in pain. Some of The Avengers departed is remain the same when Thor and Loki took off. Iron Man went back home to be with Pepper Potts, but there might be foreshadowing that Pepper Potts were working on her own suits. Captain America heard from Loki that he was working with red Skull and mentioned that Red Skull is nowhere to be found like he disappeared. captain America rode his motorcycle back to Peggy's place. Hulk turned back to Bruce after Betty Ross did the touch(similar to Black Widow to Hulk in The Avengers 2). Bruce feel safe with her like she keep him grounded. Nick Fury and Maria's scene is remain the same. Antman and Wasp went back to their life.

mid credits: Red Skull can be seen with man's skin mask, similar to leatherface(Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but remain same concept from guy played by Hugo Weaving, but will be seen putting mask in be played by Robert redford, kind of creepy and darker scene)and can be seen watching over Winter Soldier.

Post credits: Thanos will know the plan is failed, but still have another evil plans in his sleeves.(same scene with his smirks after he mentioned them.)


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