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From all of those photos of Jared Leto on set, I think we can all say we're pumped for Suicide Squad, right? I can't wait any longer to see this film! Now, a really important thing I've been begging to hear, is how he is going to make the iconic voice of the character. But, do we have to wait any longer?

A recording of what is claimed to be Jared Leto's interpretation of the Joker has leaked online, but is it fake? Take a look and you decide...

Check out the video here!

Super creepy! His laugh is menacing and definitely chilling! If this is fake or not, I absolutely love it! Near the end of the video you hear him say,

Let's get nuts...

This sends a chill down my spine! Now, many believe that this could be fan-made or that it could possibly be one of the recordings Jared made himself to practice his role. Who knows? He sure loves teasing us though! Remember when he teased the voice at one of his concerts? If you haven't witnessed it yet, the video link is below.

While speaking to one of his fans, he just had to have fun with his portrayal and voice of the Joker! He loves showing fans and posting pics to the media showing off his look through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Suicide Squad releases into theaters (USA) August 5, 2016.

Are you stoked for Suicide Squad? Comment your thoughts about the iconic voice!


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