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June is coming upon us and with that there is one question on my mind and others as well I hope and that question is, will Jurassic World be better than Jurassic Park?

Is Jurassic World going to be great?

Well That's unexpected.
Well That's unexpected.

I will safely assume that anyone who is excited for Jurassic World has seen the original movies which we all love and that is the awesome Jurassic park. This Jurassic World will have a new protagonist, his name is Owen Grady, so what has happen to Dr. Alan Grant is there a possibility this could be explained in the newest movie. This one of the most anticipated movies of 2015 for example, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Mad Max, San Andreas, Ant-Man, Ted 2, and etc. This has taken on a whole new page in my book because when I was a little boy and watched Jurassic Park, I was 6 (that is 2006) and saw the other movies and liked them too, but the fact that they are releasing Jurassic World got me so excited and I cant wait to see the movie.

Can Chris Pratt make this a great movie, will it be better than Jurassic Park?

I thinks that bite will hurt just a bit
I thinks that bite will hurt just a bit

The real question on my mind though is will Chris Pratt be a better protagonist than Sam Neill, and I'm pretty sure Sam Neill knew how to whistle even though Chris had to learn on set.

In all seriousness Chris Pratt has a lot of potential to be much better than Sam Neill, we have seen Chris in Guardians of the Galaxy and he was pretty amazing, Chris pulled Star-Lord off perfectly in my opinion.

The star Lord of the galaxy
The star Lord of the galaxy

Chris Pratt is the ideal choice for the main protagonist of Jurassic World I myself wouldn't have been able to think of any other person to play Owen Grady and is gonna make this new movie a hit of the century!

Let me know if you guys think Jurassic World will be amazing?

Thanks for reading you guys, I'd love to know what you guys think in the comment section below!!


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