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So movie pilot is having a contest to create your own suicide squad, a team of 4 bad guy/ anti-heroes of your choosing.

Well these are mine.

This took a lot of thought because their are so many options and I can only pick 4, but here it goes.

What I'm going to do, is state each characters origin story, then explain why I picked them, and maybe geek out a bit about these characters.

David from The Last Of Us

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Sometime after an outbreak of a parasitic fungus known as cordyceps, decimates humanity, David became the leader of a group of survivors, that survive by consuming other people. Not much is known about David, only that he is not a nice guy. David has gone so far as to try to eat a young girl named Ellie, who eventually proved to be his downfall, breaking free and bashing his face in with his own machete, after he hunted her down and tried to strangle her. even though he was eventually defeated, David was still the most terrifying monster of the last of us.

My favorite game so far is the last of us. So for my dream team of bad guys, I decided to go with a character from that game. Since it's a team of bad guys, I don't think the main characters Joel and Ellie would fit that requirement, Ellie is way too sweet to be in a team of bad guys, and while Joel is a bit of an anti-hero, I never thought of him as a bad guy. But if you want a post apocalyptic baddie, then need not, go any further than, the sadistic, cannibal David. He is ruthless, cunning, and a force to be reckoned with. Plus he's voiced by Nolan North, so I think that's reason enough.

Trevor Phillips from Grand Theft Auto 5

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Trevor Phillips was raised in Canada. after being kicked out of the US military Trevor became a bank robber, drug dealer, arms smuggler, and psychotic killer. He created his own drug dealing/ arms smuggling company, he calls Trevor Phillips Incorporated. After helping known associates Micheal and Franklin steal millions of dollars worth of gold, he then murdered another known associate Devin Weston, and some FBI officials. He now roams the streets of Los Santos (Los Angeles) looking for his next victim.

Trevor Phillips is one of the best psychos I've seen in a video game ever. This is a man who hijacked a cargo plane, by crashing a smaller plane into it. He takes on the military, cops, private militias, bikers, rednecks, drug dealers, and any one else who manages to cross him. Trevor is a guy who's been described by, his best friend Micheal, as hell on earth. Just look at the guy, he is not some one you want to mess with.

Dart Vader from Star Wars

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A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, a slave woman would give birth to a young boy named Anakin Skywalker. This boy would have no father, for he is the child of the force. He would eventually be raised by a Jedi named Qui Gon Jinn, who senses he is the chosen one. destined to bring balance to the force. after Qui Gon's death he is taken under the wing of Obi Won Kenobi. As an adult, however, Anakin is deceived by the dark lord known as Darth Sidious. The man once known as Anakin is dead, consumed by the evil being known as Darth Vader. After an epic (and I do mean epic) battle with his Anakin's former mentor Obi Won, Vader loses his arms and legs and is severely burned. Vader is put back together as a cyborg. "He is more machine now than man, twisted and evil"- Obi Won Kenobi. years later, Vader learns that Anakin had a son named Luke. Luke sees the good in Vader, and tries to reason with him. When Darth Sidious tries to murder Luke, Vader realizes that Anakin is still alive inside him. Vader now Anakin once more over throws his dark master, literally by throwing him off a bridge in the super weapon known as the death star.

OK so this guy needs to be on this list. the universe's toughest baddie, and my favorite star wars character. A cyborg who is a martial artist, and has great knowledge of the dark side of the force. Darth Vader is not just a man, he is a powerful being. He has the power to choke you from a distance with his mind, increased strength and endurance, he has a bad ass voice, he can levitate objects with his mind, and he can even read your mind. You could say, the force is definitely strong with this one.

Alex Mercer from Prototype

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The creature once known as Alex Mercer. used to be a brilliant scientist, but after some unknown mysterious experiments, the once brilliant man Alex Mercer was dead, and much like Anakin, was consumed by a monster. The firs thing Alex cane remember is waking up in a morgue. Alex, now an unstoppable shape-shifting beast, set's to find what happened to him, only to find that he himself was responsible.

Alex Mercer is one of the biggest bad asses I've seen in a game. Before I was into the last of us, Alex Mercer was my favorite video game character.

Alex Mercer is the ultimate predator, relentlessly hunting his prey, with extra senses (including heat vision), super human speed, immense strength, and the ability to morph his arms into a variety of weapons. When he kills someone he has the ability to consume them, absorbing them into his body. After consuming someone Alex gains their memories, abilities, an can even take their form. Alex Mercer is a force of both power and stealth. He's kind of like the thing, not Marvels the Thing from fantastic four, no I'm talking John Carpenter's the Thing, you know that super creepy movie about the shape shifting alien. Only instead of a fungus of virus, or whatever the Thing is, Alex is an intelligent, and sentient being, and he is very intelligent. even before he got his powers. Alex was a brilliant scientist, who graduated at the top of his class. Now that he has become this creature, he only gets smarter and stronger with each victim.

Alex Mercer is the monster you fear lurking in the shadows. An escaped science experiment gone wrong. He is a force of nature, the top of all food chains(except in prototype 2, but that whole game was a bad idea so let's forget about it), Alex Mercer is the apex predator, and would make a fine addition to the suicide squad.

Bonus:Patrick Bateman from American Psycho

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I'm going to make this one quick

Patrick Bateman is a wall street billionaire who no one knows is actually a deranged psycho. Bateman is a dangerous serial killer.

This one just occurred to me, but Patrick Bateman would be perfect for the suicide squad. He's basically just like the joker (ironically played buy the same guy who plays bat-man)

sense this is a late entry we'll just say he comes in late in the movie as a surprise twist.

Well that's my team of villains, hope you enjoyed reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it.


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