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While Tron: Legacy wasn't the greatest film, it did expand on a fan favorite universe. I enjoyed my Tron experience in the last outing, but I will say the best part of the film was its soundtrack. I thought the special effects were good and it was a sufficient sequel to the original film with Jeff Bridges reprising his role. I am sure a Tron film without Jeff Bridges is a hard pill to swallow, but I was still hoping for another one.

Well, according to VARIETY, Disney had officially pulled the plug on the idea of developing the completion of a trilogy. While the film was never officially in production it did have a producer in Justin Springer as well as Joseph Kosinski to direct.

According to Variety, the report originated with the Hollywood Reporter.

Sad time for the few out there who were fans of the series. Perhaps in the future Disney will revisit the project. We can sit back and hope the reasons were timing conflicts.

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