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PG-13 | 2015 | 105m

Aloha is another in a long line of highly anticipated films by Writer/Director Cameron Crowe. Unfortunately, Aloha does not come close to some of his other works like Jerry Maguire, Singles and Almost Famous. However, that doesn't mean it's without its merits.

This film of course has a great hand picked by Crowe soundtrack and a fantastic ensemble cast. Let’s go down the list. Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Bill Murray, Alec Baldwin, Danny McBride, Rachel McAdams and John Krasinski. None of them are really utilized as much as they should be though. Perhaps, the film would have benefited for more Baldwin/Murray screen time. In fact I don’t think they ever shared a frame and the movie was half way over before Baldwin shows up. The scene in the trailer is actually in the last act.

The story focuses on Brian Gilcrest (Cooper) an ex-military guy that went into the private sector and has since been badly injured. He is returning to Hawaii after 13 years, as a request from Carson Welch (Murray) a billionaire philanthropist and his ex-boss. Welch is launching a satellite into space, from Hawaii and needs Gilcrest to help him smooth things over with the natives. Very convoluted.

Turns out Gilcrest left behind his ex-girlfriend in Hawaii when he shoved off. She has since married another military guy and has two kids. Her oldest being 12 years old. (Bet you know where that is going, and so does everyone in the movie, they just don’t talk about it)

Seems the only person in the movie that isn’t an ex-something to Gilcrest is Allison Ng (Stone) who is assigned to Gilcrest for the time he is in Hawaii. She knows his past and is impressed by him. From the get go you know where this relationship is going as well. The only thing about Stone’s character I couldn’t get past though was her lineage. She states several times, that she is a quarter Hawaiian, quarter Chinese and half Swedish. No doubt the blonde hair she sports in this movie should come from the larger half. The Asian/Hawaiian side is way to hidden for belief though. Maybe it’s all stored in her adorable freckles that so many Chinese people have.

There really aren’t many surprises in the film, although you can tell they were supposed to be shockers. The film falls into a lot of over used movie tropes. Plus, this movie also suffers from Trailer syndrome as well. All the best parts were spoiled, the scene with Woody (Krasinski) not speaking being the funniest. Even though he doesn’t talk in most of his scenes, his lack of speech delivers the best punch lines.

If you are in the mood for a light dramedy this might scratch the itch but I say “Skip It.” Save yourself the time and watch the trailer again, and again, and again, and again, and again… I honestly lost count on how many times I was forced to sit though the trailer at the head of almost everything that has opened this year. I think I saw the Avengers trailers less than this one, and they had a few. Click the video below in case it somehow missed you.


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