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*Careful Spoilers Ahead*

This is the very first Assassin's Creed to come out on new-gen consoles the Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in which I played on. Currently one of my top favourite video-games to come out on PS4.

So to start off; I've been waiting for this game since the end of 2010 when, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood hinted at the French Revolution towards the end of the game, so I (and over hardcore AC fans) waited for about 4 years I think for this game, and my word... It was worth the wait for me.

The 2 things that drew me into this game is; (1) is the Soundtrack done well by three composers; Chris Tilton, Sarah Schachner, and Ryan Amon. Love the whole soundtrack! (2) and the story itself, I love the Arno and Elise love story, the fact that Arno is an Assassin and Elise a Templar makes for intense dramatic parts.

AC Unity not at it's best...
AC Unity not at it's best...

The Launch Giltches

Although at launch (November 11. 2014.) people all around were having issues with co-op bugging out, all kinds of glitches (like this image above). Although there were these bugs, flaws, and glitches... i didn't really experience any of this, I didn't play the game right away, I was finishing up other games at the time. The only thing I experienced that i didn't like so much was the wait time on getting in to the co-op missions, sometimes I waited like 15 to 30 minutes, i was expecting it to be like 2-5 minute wait time.

different versions of Arno
different versions of Arno

Main Character, Arno

I loved every moment/memory playing as Arno Victor Dorian, he is my third favourite Assassin in the whole AC universe. He's voiced by Canadian comic, Dan Jeannotte. (I'll post my top favourite Assassins)

Arno Dorian in his new gear in Dead Kings
Arno Dorian in his new gear in Dead Kings

Dead Kings

I love the fact that Dead Kings continues Arno story, with a much darker and grittier story, with very crazy ending. (*Spoilers*) The end makes me think they may make the next next Assassin Creed (after Syndicate) set in Cairo, Egypt or so I hope.

Greatest AC game I've played so far!

Here's a link to a photo of when I platinum-ed AC Unity! Completed everything on March 13. 2015 on a twitter post.

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...I am currently waiting for the next... Assassin's Creed Syndicate coming out October 23rd this year!


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