ByStacy Lout-Lambright, writer at

I played with a Ouija board as a child. It was different than I had thought but the scary thing was, was talking to it about past people in my family. We had contacted 2 of my relatives that night one that said he was burning in hell that it was hot and he couldn't breathe. The second was my uncle who said he was murdered and everyone was misinformed it was an accident. The board took into accound how each relative died and I got scared and I quit playing. For the next 3 days and nights I could not sleep. A figure kept haunting my dreams and I started seeing shadows moving and seeing things that were not there. I drew the figure and several other things and left them in my drawing book. My friend invited me the next day to play the Ouija board again and it told me that it needed me to see it and I asked if I had drew it before and it moved to yes. I flipped through my drawing book and asked if it was it each time and it subsequently said no until it reached one picture. It picture was of a cloaked individual with menacing eyes out stretching a hand toward me. It had no feet or body just the cloak. There was no face just darkness and evil. To this day I still see shadows and have had creepy thing happen in the house I use to live in such as doors opening and closing by themselves. Crosses come off the wall. Pictures being thrown across the room. Chairs moved from the kitchen table like someone was sitting in them. At night while I was laying in my bed watching my son sleep beside me he awoke for no reason and asked me why is that shadow standing by the bed. To this day I cannot say if that board opened a sixth sense into another domain but the board is a terrible thing to play around with.


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