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Iron Man 3-5/10

I hate Mandarin's plotline. It should be done by Aldrich Killian actual work with mandarin through out by starting Extremis storyline with Mandarin presence when they plan to change the world with virus and Mandarin's work in finding ten rings in his place in China. He held grudge with Tony after he took own his crew from first movie. This nmovie should have two villain's storyline that should cross bridge between Extremis battle from end to rise of Fing Fang Foom taking over the city after Aldrich killain was killed by Rescue(This movie is show how Pepper Pott team up with Tony and Rhodes and work together). Rhodes will stay remain his Iron Patriots whole movie without taking them off like in iron Man 3 was pretty sucked. All I was saying that they should work around between them, but keep some of scenes the same,but with some change when Tony was so mad at mandarin when take hostage and killed innocent. He shout out him to face him alone by giving out his address when he was on dick move that lead to destruction of his home cause trouble to Pepper Potts and Tony's Ex. Iron Man and Rescue was busy to get things together while saving his ex that lead Iron man fall into the ground. Tony bump into the boy is remain the same through out the water tower damage by Extremis virus infected. Eric Savin as Coldblood showed up to face Tony with some of his power from comics. This scene should last little extra longer than movie with Tony's fight scene with him until he spilled his secret to Tony that he worked with Aldrich Killian and he added extremis in his blood along with his cyborg and artifical body and more powerful. Tony called out his suit and will battle him that lead to watertower fall. Eric kidnapped the boy and threat Tony to kill him, but the device Tony gave him. He used it aginst him. That lead Tony to defeat him and explosion of Eric Savin's body as self-destruction. Trevor Slattery/Mandarin should not have happened in this movie because it wasted his character. Without Trevor Slattery, it will be empty plot that will be refilled by more action and story with Aldrich Killian. How Tony trace back to him, with the story remain the same when Aldrich kidnapped Pepper Potts and injected her with Extremis and him killed Maya Hansen. Iron man showed up in suit and freed Pepper Potts with small device for her suits. There should be extra villain that take over the plane instead Eric Savin is Jack Taggart is Firepower in comics. He was injected by Extremis too but he will have his iconic suit that should be in the movie mixed with the comic with Extremis. Iron man, Iron patriots, and Rescue worked together to save the people and stop Jack Taggert. It will be over little longer than movie have played out. After Iron Man defeat Jack Taggert and he mentioned mandarin gave him that suits before Jack Taggert explode to kill both but failed. Extremis battle at Oil Rig scene is remain the same, but with all three fighting together with some other suits Iron Man did over his hobby. The Storm will rolled with mandarin showing up with his army when after he found his ten rings right after defeating Aldrich Killian with iron man's self-destruct. Fing Fang Foom will show up. This scene will last next least hour and half more to this nonstop serious action with Iron Man, Iron patriots, Rescue, and some other iron man suits leftover after destroyed by Extremis peoples. (very similar to animated movie Invincible iron man movie came out in 2007.) Mandarin and Fing Fang Foom will be defeated some ways whatever came up from the comics that should work into it. After this long epic battle that no movie ever done before, Tony will take break from being Iron Man after all the battle he fought. He went on vacation with Pepper Potts. Rhodes went back to his work. This mean no wasting Tony's iron man suits by self-destruct like fireworks which is stupid and not thinking straight. Iron man will still have his suits until Avengers 2.

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Ellen Brandt came back home to his husband who is man thing and explode that upset him. Will have Man-Thing cameo which lead he find answer what cause her death.This would be great kick off for future storyline surrounding him with shield and other stuff is based on the comics than that fake tv movie from 2005 which was differ from the comics. This should be a better story instead Bruce and Tony messing around like an idiots.

Thor 2-8/10

From what I see in this movie is far great, except some scenes are unnecessary like Dr.Selvig running around naked is complete stupid and who would watch him running around naked that not makes some story to the Thor. Seriously!!! Anyway, I like how Jane's storyline surround how she is attracted to the mysterious stone and get infected as she is brought over to Asgard. I also like how the prison break out involving Loki is leaving behind until Thor asked his help reluctantly. How everyone is mad and disappointed in Loki's betrayal and his behavior in New York city. How Loki secretly and sneaky go both ways good and bad when he team up thor is pretty good and kind of sad when he is killed, There was a scene in the end is make no sense is how Loki is alive and where is Odin? that is question is raised and hopefully is not wasted and ignore as hopefully explained in Thor 3 coming up in 2017 I think it comes out in Phase 3 since it not explained in The Avengers 2. I like the rest of story where it have huge battle with Malekith. I even like the ending where Thor stayed with Jane Foster so it lead to The Avengers 2.

Post Credit: I like both the same. For one scene with huge creature wandering around, but I imagine off screen Thor would dealt with it.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier-8/10

This movie is almost perfect movie with several exceptions is Alexander Pierce should have took of his face mask to revealed himself as Red Skull and explained his disappearance and plans to take over Shield and killed off Nick Fury. Black Widow and Hawkeye would have make great introductions that they had problem facing Winter Soldier before. They had worked with Maria Hill. It should have some flash back on their character with small nod to Captain America's history like gone to museum and stuff. I enjoyed that Nick trie dto fight off hydra,but got killed off as faked death until in the end. this movie would be Avengers 1.5 movie with half of them not in it with some from The Avengers. Winter Soldier did the best job in this movie. I love the end of the battle with Winter Soldier, Alexander Pierce, and Crossbone. Falcon is very interesting half way until Winter Soldier broke his wing off. Hawkeye would team up with Falcon to fight Crossbone while Black Widow and Nick fury against Alexander Pierce as Red Skull. It would make way better movie after Winter Soldier turned back to himself as Bucky when he had hard time to trust himself and Steve. While that time would be better when Bucky and Steve team up and go against Red Skull. It still not end of Hydra and stuff because Red Skull still working with someone else as mystery. I have no idea who and it should be up to someone who is expert to the comics and match the story with Red Skull after all.

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I like when Bucky still work on try to remember while he is on break from Steve after fighting him and time to calm himself down.

I also enjoy the fact that twin should have been magneto's kids working for hydra as volunteer. I dislike when Fox have right with X-men and should have shared other dont include them at all and pick other story go along with post credits that match the storyline with Age of Ultron for Avengers 2.

Guardian of the galaxy-10/10

I think this movie is the one best Marvel cinematic Universe movie ever made with best cast and storylines. No exceptions at all.

Post Credits: They are perfect. Howard the Duck made best appearance and have a good chance that he would be part of the universe than old movie came out in 90's.

Avengers: Age of Ultron: 5.5/10

There was most of the part I dislike how they ditched the original story again with Ant man and Wasp by not including them. They made Iron Man instead Antman was dumb move. I feel like they mixing the stories around. I don't know if they would do better than what they had done. I do like Hawkeye's storyline with his beautiful wife was previous played Velma from Scooby Doo. It like jumped from Scooby Doo to Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hawkeye's lucky wife. It was beautiful scenes. I like how Vision born like pretty near perfect, but should have way more action for him and more involved with Scarlet Witch to show her he is not what she thought he was as she saw. I am kind of fine with how Ultron and Klaw's scene. Klaw does blame Iron man for his arm's loss. It is kind of Iron man's story position. It is kind of Black panther's position as his fault that last his arm as I think I remember in the comics I looked up. Rhode should have showed up with his Iron Patriot to help battle Ultron's army. Falcon should have involved. The whole team that gathered together should have been Iron man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Antman, Wasp, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver,Vision, Iron patriot, and falcon altogether fighting against the army. little while, Winter Soldier would surprisingly shows up and engage the battle and save the civilians. There are some part they should involved like Thor's scene with Dr. Selvig, should have Jane and Darcy help Thor out, Betty Ross romance with Hulk, NOT Black Widow, it is like cheating on her!!! I like the part where Hulk is hinted to go in the space lead to Planet Hulk. Iron Man left back home to be with pepper Potts as usual. Thor go back to his Asgard that lead to Thor 3. Captain America and Black Widow met with new Avengers including Vision, Scarlet Witch,Falcon, and Iron patriot. Hawkeye had left back home to his family until new threat.


I do not like some of story they had where Hank Pym is old man and story change around. It is kind of mess that they should not have done. They should have made time for this movie in Phase 1. Anyway, I still go see this because Paul Rudd. He played heroic character in Halloween 6:Curse of Michael Myers when he protect Strode's family when they moved in Michael Myers's old house. He befriended Strode kid and seemed stranger to Kara Strode when she walked in. from that part where he told her about Michael Myers the killer. How he Saved the Strode family, by beating up Michael Myers

Here the video when Paul Rudd as Tommy Doyle as hero act. reminder: NO Blood or gore. but plain action scenes.

Here is the Paul Rudd as Tommy Doyle's last battle with Michael Myers(this is proof he is able to play superhero) How cool is that jumped from Halloween to Marvel Cinematic Universe, Antman, upcoming in July 2015.

Reminder: Action scenes between Paul Rudd and Michael myers. Paul Rudd have played many comedy roles,but this is one of movie he can play serious role with smirk attitude toward villain like Michael Myers, but hopefully he do the same in Marvel universe. Enjoy the clip of his role.

Sound off below on what you think of this Phase if u agree with me if Marvel should have stick to the original source in comics. It is like remaking or rebooting the stories from comics was kind of disrespectful.


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