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Jagger Anthony Abeyta

My ultiamte sucide Squad!

My first choice would be Freddy Kruger! He's the ultimate master in death by sleeping or fatigue. This master criminal mind goes way beyond the gold. He can bring anyones nightmare to life and turn your day into a living hell the guy is a living, breathing legend who's story was messed up but he turned around an basically became karma in dreams!

Second choice for this fantastic squad would be Blade.

Blade has no weaknes besides his blood lusting thirst. He has the best of both world: speed and strength of a vampire but the ability to walk in sunlight to get that good vitamin D. Also blade is a katana welding, gun master, bullet maker and vampier killing expert. Basically if it doesn't have heart...this guy will put it down

My third choice has to be The Ghost Rider.

In the combic world The ghost rider was a man who was willing to sell his soul to save a love one to the devil him self (talk about a sacrifice!) An become the rider. The rider really can't die, his bike is his companion and his amazing fire whip...flawless. Just make sure you don't have any horrible past sins or he will take your soul for payment. There's a reason why hell it self fears his name or even his shadow.

My last but not least favorite addition to the crew The Balrog of Morgoth!

This is Fire Demon Drake bows to no one and a creature you don't want to piss off. This creature is from the middle age when the first evil was in the world. He is cloaked in flame and shadow. He has an amazing fire whip and flame sword. His power can not be matched.

This team can survive anything and still fight as a bad A-Team. Thanks for reading!


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