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Matt Beer

Well hello there, first off I wanna thank you for taking your time reading this review from a very inexperienced guy who has wrote two reviews that are pretty terrible. Sitting on my couch I decided to try a good review that actually can be read without wondering if the writer is in 9th grade or not. So let's get started talking about Aloha staring Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, Danny McBride, Bill Murray, John Krasinski, and Alec Baldwin. Cooper plays Brian Gilcrest who plays a Military Contractor who returns to Hawaii to work on a little mission for his boss Carson Welch (Murray) where he runs into his Ex Girlfriend Tracy Woodside (McAdams) and meets with his watchdog Allison Ng (Stone). While there he begins falling for, you guessed it, the watchdog. First off, Cooper is great in this movie as usual. The cast in general does a really good job in the film as well. The music choices for the movie is really good as Crowe usually does in his movies. The humor in the film does indeed hit when used. One in particular scene where the comedy hit was the scenes where Krasinski and Cooper have the silent conversations and it does pay off real well in the end of it. McAdams and Cooper also had great chemistry in it as they made me believe that they did have a relationship at one time in there life. Baldwin and Cooper also had good chemistry as well in it. However, the most important relationship in the film did not have good chemistry. That would be the relationship between Cooper and Stone. Even though they were good in the movie they didn't capture the chemistry they needed to make me go, "Yeah I can tell they're dating". It seemed more forced than anything at times. Also when some scenes came up where it was more than one or two stars in the same room it seemed like they didn't know when to let the other have their moments in it. Also the pace was off. It would bounch all over the place making it the movie hard to follow at times, which made me sad especially since it was a Cameron Crowe movie. There also was a moment when Cooper and McAdams meet for the first time and in that scene there is a plot point that comes up later in the movie that was very predictable (The ones who have seen it will know what I'm talking about). I don't wanna say too much about it but when you see it and if you're like me you're gonna give yourselves a face-palm. Even a couple of people behind me guessed it spot on. The way the movie ends was not as good as it could have been. If they would have added a different scene while keeping part of the scene it could have been better. Maybe it's just me. So to sum up my thoughts, the performances are good, even great at times. The comedy was really good in the movie as well. Cooper and McAdams had great chemistry throughout the movie unlike most of the other relationships. However the story and pace is sloppy and had some predictable at times. Overall this gets a 3.2/5 stars. Aloha stars Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, John Krasinski, Bill Murray, Danny McBride, Bill Murray, and Alec Baldwin.


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