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Truly amazing that this op-ed writer (who didn't pick up on 2 years of tense, under-the-surface romance--made explicit at the end of 2 years by making clear the 'Olicity' moment had been 100% ruse), has given us a poll with about five options, NOT ONE OF WHICH ALLOWS the many people who wanted to see the 2-year Katie Cassidy story play out click support for that--or even general support for Cassidy, who's a talented actress and whose character fits much better as Ollie's love interest (though they cut this off early, so the whole thing was never developed beyond the 'unpleasant, tragic tension' stage, which the writer mistakes for 'lack of chemistry,' when you can just go watch the second season flashbacks for chemistry--and Katie's versatility as an actress, as she plays the younger, more innocent (less, um, locked-in-a-shell) college-aged Laurel--(and yes, we love Catie Lotz, too, but she mostly plays the part differently by raising her voice a few notes--which is fine, it works).

And, there's NO mention of the fact that Cassidy was almost certainly promised the role of female romantic lead in this show (again with that obvious two years of writing to set up their romance)--and got screwed out of it. Well, we all know Hollywood (well, Vancouver--the industry, you know), can be a treacherous place, so I suppose she should have said nothing at all, as opposed to the very little--all inoffensive, she did say in public, to the fans.

But, really, in this poll, none of the five or six options are anything but 'Katie Cassidy' is 'bad,' 'more bad,' or 'incidental. No button even offered to click to request the original storyline of the show (which makes a bit more sense, considering the characters).

I am voicing my support for the original storyline now, but adding they made a mistake in sidelining Laurel from the Canary role by using her sister, who is wonderful in the roll, and gained a lot of fan loyalty, without heavily foreshadowing that Sara was not the Black Canary, during that season. They wanted it to be a surprise twist, but the showrunners made a huge mistake in encouraging viewers to think of Sara as the black canary without some real foreshadowing on the issue. Thus Laurel will always be in Sara's shadow, no matter how much better she can make her sound weapons. An easy mistake, but a fundamental one that further damaged Katy's usefulness to the show.

This is still an awful lot of basics about Katy's role in the show that I had to write myself. ...Yes, it's easy to love the slightly naive, bumbling-genius tech girl, but it takes a bit more to appreciate the hardass lawyer (who works as a lawyer at a quasi-non-profit the first season, and defends Ollie from accusations of being the Hood even though she kind of hates his guts at that point, just out of a sense of duty,) who's spent the last five years dragging her drunk father back home from the bar so he can keep his job. Yeah, there's a wall there, which makes her seem like Hilary Clinton (in a bad way--the driven, arrogant way), but you can see by her actions she's a good (also vulnerable at times) person. She only spent about 40% of a season as an addict, and then quickly recovered--and that's a truly impressive feat, considering which pills she seemed to be taking (and how responsible she is afterward, including keeping watch over her father again, like when she was barely more than a kid).

Come on, people. This 'hating' is weird and unfair. Give it up: we had three, maybe even four (Nyssa isn't there yet) excellent and very different female leads on this show. But don't bitch about these innocuous tweets when Cassidy had her original role...taken from her. After it's quite obvious the writers and showrunners spent two years preparing her for the role, only for her shit to be jacked in the third season. She's been plenty quiet and graceful about it, even though she got half her original role ripped off.

(Oh, and Arrow had higher ratings this season because of greater awareness caused by its connection to the widely popular 'Flash.' Not 'Olicity' (check the ratings for her date with Oliver. Then check numbers on the crossover episodes.


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