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The pitches are back! After the success of the first film, as usual, sequel comes out. Here we go pitches!


After the embarrassing incident in President Obama's birthday, Barden Bellas suspended and their title as three times national champions removed. If they want to free from suspension, they must win the world champion which is never won by a team from the American. In their struggle, they have rival teams from Germany, Das Sound Machine.

Actually there is nothing new from PP2’s story, the same story line such as a new kid named Emily (Hailee Steinfeld), Bellas’ struggle in singing, as well as conflicts between members. The Musical scenes are shown better in this sequel than the first movie. In performance, Bellas look different and sang the OST of this film, flashlight. Last musical scene is very nice.

The main element of this film is jokes. Jokes in the second film are not as good as in the first movie. Overall the first film is funnier. But, of course Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) still performs optimally with a love story with Bumper (Adam Devine).

Chemistry between the cast is very good, especially the chemistry between Anna Kendrick as Becca and Brittany Snow as Chloe. Even many fans of Pitch perfect are supporting them as pairing Bechloe. They complete each other in this film.

Emily as the new kid actually does not have a significant influence in this film. Unless there is told that she made the original song that is sung by Bellas.

I relieved that Pitch Perfect 2 is not horrible considering many comedy movies sequel are horrible. Although not as good as the first one, of course, the film is must be watched for fans

PS: Pitch Perfect 2 is the highest grossing music comedy film overtaking School of Rock

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