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All superheroes have their mentors or trainers. But none is greater than their own mothers and Martha Kent is the best mom in the entire comic universe. Yes you can argue Spider-Man's aunt and Spider-Man and superman have very similar childhoods. Both of their father figures where killed and both of them were adopted sons respectively. But aunt may did not have to harbor an alien in her midst. Don't get me wrong I LOVE Spider-Man like looooove Spider-Man but I am a DC fan boy all the way. Superman has been my fan favorite since forever. I think it has to do with how he was raised and the power he has and then how he was raised to use it. In my opinion and I stress my opinion Superman is the most powerful being in the comic world mostly because he holds back because he holds life most dearly and does everything he can to not take it. Now back to Martha Kent she is the one who gives him this sense or morality Jonathan Kent did help but in most superman story lines he dies early enough in Clark's life that Martha is the one there supporting the man of steel. Just watch the most recent superman additions to the cinematic world. In Superman returns and I know the public opinion of that movie but for him to lift an entire island made of kryptonite takes sure will and in man of steel for him to go against zod and everything in that movie with little training was sheer will. No training in combat no nothing. Just will to save everything and everyone. That I believe in my core came from Martha Kent. There is a line in man of steel afte the Kent house is destroyed and Clark comes back and Martha states "there just things they can be replaced" and Clark responds "but not you" spoke volumes to me. She is the the heart of the greatest superhero of all time ( my opinion again). You do NOT have Superman without having Martha Kent. She is the whisper in the man of steels ear that gives him the morality and humanity that no other kryptonian has and she is the reason he always wins. This is my 1st post rip it apart as u feel necessary in the comments but like I said this is all my opinion. Thanks guys and gals I hope you enjoyed!!


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