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Archie R Spires

Convergence is over. Crisis has been averted.
And nothing has changed.
I'd like to go on about how much I enjoyed seeing the pre-New 52 heroes again. Seeing the crossovers of different Universes. Even the redemption of Brainiac...
But, I'm a fanboy at heart and bitching and moaning is what I do.

I think we all remember the various crisis. Starting back in 1985 with the Crisis on Infinite Earths, DC Comics recognized that they were literally bursting at the seams with standalone, disjointed stories that just barely meshed with each.

DC Comics
DC Comics

It was an interesting concept that worked and the closest real world scenario I can compare it to would be the farming concept of leaving a field fallow, and planting anew the next year.

DC Comics
DC Comics

No longer would there be a half dozen Superman dealing with unrelated situations. We wouldn't see surprise resurrections via magic or science.
Our heroes and heroines would have to put up or shut up.

And it worked. It worked so well they did it again.
30 years later.

DC Comics
DC Comics

I think that's honestly the source of my bitterness when it comes to the New 52:
I had hopes that Convergence would be another Crisis. Or at least a Zero Hour.

Instead Superman's lost his powers, Batman is dead, Catwoman is a Mafia Don, the Green Lanterns are defunct, and...
I literally have no idea what's going on in Gotham Academy.

The weird thing is... All of this has happened before.

Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar Galactica

Superman lost his powers after Final Crisis. Batman was presumed dead after Infinite Crisis. HUNTRESS was a Mafia Don while working for Oracle's Birds of Prey. The Green Lantern Corp was decimated by the Parallax infestation.

This was fine because we knew it was going to be fine. We had a three decade history to fall back on.

We had optimism.

Now we have Batgirl playing a faux-Oracle.
Commissioner Gordon is calling himself Batman wearing a battlesuit that looks a little too familiar to those raised on 90s Saturday Morning cartoons.

New England Comics
New England Comics

Terry McGinnis is dead.
Black Canary is a musician.
Dick Grayson is now a secret agent.
And I'm pretty sure Damian Wayne is working with Stanley's Monster.

About the only stability left is the Martian Manhunter who seems to have given up the rage and is back to the ongoing depression he started suffering post JLA Terror Incognita.

DC Comics
DC Comics

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