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You can now play Mario at work with this handy little App. Turn any page on your computer into a playable Mario game! Just don't get caught and blame us!

As if it isn't hard enough to stay focused at work now a days. What with social media and endless cat videos circulating throughout the office it is actually a testament to us workers that we get anything done at all. Our bosses should be grateful!


These distractions were usually enough to get me through the day but not intoxicating enough to get me fired, until now. I started writing this article two days ago, just got.. (cough) distracted.

Introducing Screentendo! A clever little devil by the name of Aaron Randall has created a neat little App that will transform any page on your computer into a playable Mario game. Take a look!

How does it work?

Simply download the app and open the program. Once open, you will see a transparent box appear in the bottom of the screen. Simply drag this box over the top of which ever page you wish to turn into a playable Mario game and Bob's your uncle, Luigi's your cousin, you have your very own Mario game to play.

It simply renders the typical Mario landscape onto whatever images are on the page underneath. Brilliant.


Gamertag Gaming, always here to help you get through your day! Just don't get into too much trouble at work. Create a rota system as we have done. Take it in turns to pass around the work load whilst others play Screentendo! Shh.

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