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My time in Youtube has so far been short but sweet, I've had large success in my character breakdowns were I explore the weapons, powers, history and origin of the latest Marvel and DC characters to hit the big screen, wide success in my movie and TV series reviews, where I analyse the best pop cultures has to offer and extraordinary success in more off shoot videos which I have respectively titled Vlogs.

A video where I simply tell the audience what the Infinity Gauntlet is one of my most popular videos, attracting attention from multiple other youtubers and social networking platforms. To really let out my inner thoughts I never expected any of my videos to get any attention and they have so I'm really grateful for all the support


I have a lot to offer, and a lot of videos planned, I've met some lovely people on Youtube, Bandit Incorporated, a fellow Aussie like me that is also a movie fanatic, The Russian Comic Book Geek, a man with a brilliant talent of creating compelling motion comics and Sam's Channel, a man from over in England that provides insightful video reviews on the latest of blockbusters. All these and many more are people that I've found through creating content, content that when I look back on can see room for improvement however It has made me the content creator I am today.

To summarize Youtube has allowed me to meet other content creators and allowed me to improve myself, anyone who supports me is greatly valued and appreciated and I really could not have done any of this without the wide support of you guys, so thankyou.

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