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As well as being a photographer( when I can manage it with my disability) I am a graphic artist and from being a young kid, one of my favourite characters in comic books has been Judge Dredd. From the very early days of 2000AD when he was drawn by Carlos Ezquerra, I have been a fan of his wisecracks and his general character. Its no secrete the John Mills based his character on the Dirty Harry movies as originally Joe Dredd had a striking similarity to Mr Eastwood. Indeed in his non judge role in "The cursed earth" there was no mistaking that jawline or scowl.

Since then there have been two movies. I was not a fan of Stallone's version of Dredd, though the film kept faith with most of the Mega City one cannon- they just let him take his helmet off and so it became the Stallone gig and lost a lot of its charm

Karl Urban has come close to being "The" Dredd that best fits but again, the film was cheap, poor storyline and what was with all the Vdub campers?? I know they last forever but dudes, really? in the 24th post apocalyptic century???

now if they had kept the original look of Stallone's movie and had Karl Urban that might have been some kind of movie!

Judge Dredd- drawn with wacom tablet by hand.
Judge Dredd- drawn with wacom tablet by hand.

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