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For fans of the 1982 Tron and 2010 Tron Legacy....I have some bad news.

The Hollywood Reporter is claiming that the third film in the series has just been cancelled by Disney. Though it was never officially announced, it looked like director Joseph Kasinski and actors Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde were all on board to return to their roles from Tron Legacy. Reports said earlier this year that Disney had plans to shoot the third film in October of 2015 in Vancouver for a late 2016 release.

As of yet, there are no reasons given for the cancellation of Tron 3. The report claims that Disney had wanted Oscar Winner Jared Leto in the film but failed to make the deal.

Tron Legacy grossed $400 Million worldwide on its $170 Million budget but did receive mixed reviews from critics and audience alike. Disney has been killing it at the Box Office lately, not only with their Marvel and animated films but the live action Cinderella and last years' Maleficent performed excellently at the Box Office. However their newest Sci-Fi adventure Tomorrowland, has under performed at the Box Office only making $49 Million domestically so far on its $190 Million budget. Perhaps the failure of Tomorrowland has put Disney off the idea of a Tron 3?

I personally was really looking forward to a Tron 3, I was a huge fan of Tron Legacy, as visually it was better than almost everything in its year and the soundtrack by Daft Punk was a definite standout.

Are you guys upset by the cancellation of Tron 3 or felt like the series didn't need a third film? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @JamesPorter97


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