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meet the gunsling bandit. it was the best name i got for him the now but if anyone has any better name tell me =).

the gunslinger is a wild man. he has kill over 14,000 people in the west. hes to terrifying the sheriff has put a bounty of $1,000,000 on him. the gunsling bandit was not always a killer. when he was a boy he lived on a town called mist wood. a group of bandits came along and they burnt down his hole town.the bandits kill his father and they raped and kidnapped his mother. the gunslinger wanted to get his revenge but as his father sat there dying he called out to his son." son dont go, they will kill you . even if they dont youll be just as bad as them." his son grabbed his father's gun and he walked out to go fine the bandits.

nobody know if he killed the bandits or not and nobody knows his real name. all they know is that hes an outlaw who kills foe fun!.

by Anthony Cox


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