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Last night I finally got the chance to go and see Mad Max: Fury Road, and I have to say that it completely blew me away. This week I have been watching the entire original trilogy starring Mel Gibson, in case any of it turned out to be relevant. Honestly, I still cannot tell if this film is meant to be a continuation of the original trilogy, or if it is a reboot. And you know what? It doesn't matter.

This film promised to be a great action film, something similar to the first three, but it turned into so much more. Warning for spoilers for all Mad Max films below!

Now then, let's get down to business. Maybe you don't all agree, and please comment if you think that the original trilogy is better, but I think this film is far superior, and not just because of the effects (which were amazing!), but for a few deeper reasons as well...

1. The Mission

Plain and simple, I think the plot for this film was cohesive, structured, and downright awesome. The original trilogy films had plots... kind of, but they weren't in any way as cohesive as this one. They were kind of erratic, and there was a lot of repetition, especially between the second and third movies. Fury Road's plot, on the other hand, was simply ingenious - I loved the idea that in that kind of situation, there are still people like Imperator Furiosa who will go to any lengths to save a group of vulnerable young women from being abused. Which brings me to my next point:

2. The Character Development

While the original films had a solid character in Max, there was barely ever any extra development for the other characters, and honestly in the whole trilogy there were only maybe one or two other characters I enjoyed watching. This film, while improving upon Max's character in many ways, including the constant flashbacks which show he is indeed MAD, also gave us a host of other characters like Imperator Furiosa, who jumped into the number one spot for me in best action movie females of all time. Seriously, Charlize Theron is always a great presence on screen, but this was something else. She totally blew it out of the water, and left me stunned and wanting more. I was heartbroken when Max left at the end, because I knew it meant we were in for the traditional ending where he saves the day and is never seen again. While this is an awesome conclusion and leaves the storytelling possibilities for the sequel open, it also makes it unlikely we will see Theron again. Also, we can't forget about Nux (Nicholas Hoult) who had a huge role to play in the film, and his development from wanting to kill Furiosa and the girls to saving them in an epic moment of self sacrifice was incredible. I could see it coming for a moment before it happened, but it still tugs on the heartstrings terribly.

3. The Apocalyptic Setting

This film felt a lot more like an apocalypse has occurred and everything is destroyed. The extinction of the "green place" was the moment you realized the world had totally gone to hell. In the original trilogy there were these beautiful places untouched by devastation, and it honestly just isn't realistic that there are just a few kids there protecting it. The moment Max realised that the only safe haven was the place that Immortan Joe ruled, it all seemed right. Of course the big bad guys with an army will have the best place, and will keep all the resources to themselves. It seemed so much more real than the original trilogy. It seemed like a truly insane world.

4. The Realism of death

Let's face it, in any situation where a small number of good guys take on a huge number of bad guys, there should be quite a few fatalities for the good guys. By my count there were at least six or seven, and Furiosa came so close to death I had written her off completely for a moment. I tell you, it isn't often that I'm completely shocked by a dead-not-really scene, but this one surprised me. Sometimes the suddenness of death shocked me, and it all made sense, and made the film much more tense.

5. The Constant Suspense

This film didn't have much let up. I actually think that a complete hour of that two hour film was spent fighting on the road with the other vehicles. Shall we compare that to the original trilogy? Yeah, it's way more in favour of Fury Road. And isn't that what Mad Max is all about? Fighting insanely dressed people in cars on a barren wasteland? This film pulled it all off much more beautifully, and I know that part of this is due to the effects they have, but honestly, no amount of special effects makes up for bad choreography, and this film's was way better than the original trilogy's.

So there it is, five reasons this film is better. If you agree or disagree, don't be afraid to shout out in the comments.


Is Mad Max: Fury Road better than the original trilogy?


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