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Ralph Varlese

If you could round up all the best bad guys into one unstoppable force, who would you pick. Here is my list of 4 villains I'd like to see working together.

Boba is one of the most beloved characters of the Star Wars Franchise Fett would be a great addition to the cast. He has always been a gun for hire with no problems doing some horrible things. He knows his way around a blaster and has his own hyperspace capable ship.

The Master has been Doctor Who's nemesis for hundreds of years. He is a Time Lord that can travel to any place or time in the entire universe and he is a "Master" megalomaniac. If he dies, he rises again with a new face, and now even a new sex.

KAHN! You love to shout his name. He's a genetically modified human with super strength and an incredible ability to get what he wants. Infamous to Sci-Fi fans Kahn would be a great addition to the team.

Mystique is a bad ass shape shifting mutant from the X-men universe. She can be super sexy, or ultra scary. With her ability to impersonate any head of state or hero she would be a valuable asset to the squad.


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