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Silent Hills breaking news comes as sources reveal that Microsoft is deep in negotiations with Konami over the procurement of the franchise!

Sources have today revealed that Microsoft has been in cahoots with Konami regarding the purchase and future development of the Silent Hills franchise.

Sources claim that the Silent Hills game is in excess of 80% complete. The game needs minimal effort to round off the project and that Guillermo del Toro himself would accompany the title over to Xbox.

PT Removed from Playstation Network because of exclusivity rights

Xbox Exclusive. Sorry Playstation fans, this could be an even worse kick in the teeth than the actual title being cancelled.

The P.T demo has been removed from the Playstation Network because Microsoft will be releasing the Silent Hills game as an Xbox Exclusive, so according to source, Rooster Teeth it is a "show of good faith to Microsoft"

Silent Hills
Silent Hills

The procurement figure is reported to be in the 'billions,' striking us as a little steep when compared to other franchise buy outs, but then again, Microsoft is by no means half hearted when it comes to takeovers.

Microsoft has already recently bought into such franchises as Tomb Raider (previously Playstation exclusive), Minecraft and of course Gears of War. Coupled with the fact that Konami has made it very clear that their future now lies in the development of mobile games and Microsoft is only seeking to expand their empire of console gaming. This could be the year we see big changes in the world of franchise development.

Maybe, this figure is inclusive of the Metal Gear Solid franchise also? Two big money makers abandoned and left outside in the cold. Microsoft could well be the lifeblood of the future for these iconic titles.

Why it makes sense


Microsoft has been extremely proactive when it comes to their gaming future over the past 18 months, so this latest rumor comes as no surprise to us here.

Microsoft is apparently aiming to secure the purchase as soon as next week. Microsoft will be desperate to unveil Silent Hills at this year's E3 with a show stopping reveal of such grandeur it could cause the internet to melt completely. (Well, not quite but it will be pretty big.)

E3 is the annual video games trade fair. It is THE platform for new title features and reveals. This event differs from Gamescom and other gaming conventions such as E3 as it is an exclusive, industry-only event. If you are going to pull something special out the bag, it's here.

Silent Hills Franchise
Silent Hills Franchise

The development of the title is expected to be completed by the end of the year and to be released as soon as March, 2016.

This is of course all officially unconfirmed by Microsoft and Konami, Microsoft stated that they do not respond to "rumor or speculation."

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