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Game of Thrones has helped HBO Now to do wonders and created troubles for Netflix.

Netflix Inc. has remained the leading online video content service provider for many years now. Despite of the rising competition in the industry, it has managed to sustain its business one way or another. On one hand, it is focusing on expansion and growing its portfolio, whereas on the other hand, the streaming service provider is on a mission to ‘cut the cords’ of the viewers and impose great threats to established pay TV cable providers.

The company recently became the first online video content provider to launch HBO’s new standalone app, HBO Now, on its platform. The deal was agreed as Netflix aimed to increase its user database in the coming times with its own portfolio and the new services that it is launching for the sake of unlimited entertainment offerings.

Netflix has rights to offer ‘Game of Thrones’ to its customers and viewers. Regardless of that, it is one of the most popular drama TV series shows has dinged the service. As reports, “HBO's fledging online-only streaming service HBO Now made a dent -- a small one -- in Internet traffic when it launched, and it has "Game of Thrones" to thank.”

Since the season 5 of Game of Thrones has premiered, it has become the most watched program on the network this year so far. HBO Now offers its services by putting up full TV programming online for $14.99 per month. More customers prefer subscribing and paying for online video content service provider rather than going for pay TV cable options anymore. This has given the online streaming services an opportunity to increase their subscription fees and prices.

Apart from the fact that the streaming giant is still the uncrowned king of online streaming industry, HBO services gave it a very tough competition through Game of Thrones Season 5. As viewers were quite caught up in another adventure with the fifth season, HBO Now and HBO GO represented 0.7% and 3.4% in the downstream traffic respectively, whereas Netflix’s traffic fell down.

It is believed that the share of Netflix’s traffic on the network represented 33.5% after falling down three percentage points when compared from the reports published in March. The online service provider is very much concerned about its performance in every single market. It wants to win in every situation and that is why it remains at top when aggregate traffic is calculated. It is on top with 33.81% with YouTube at a distant second with 14.63%.


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