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We are beginning phase four of the MCU and it got me thinking what is the next step for the MCU. For me I think a great next step would be to capitalize on the popularity of The Walking Dead an introduce Marvel Zombies to the world. I think it would be very entertaining to take a dark step into the world of flesh eating spiderman and show a dark side to our favorite heroes. I know that given the fact Disney owns Marvel it will never really happen, it would still be cool to imagine. Here is how I think you could do it.

Stephen Strange would play a key part.

Next year Benedict Cummerbatch will be playing Dr. Strange and introducing the sorcerer supreme opens the door for the MCU to go in a mystical direction. You have the opportunity to have some of his greatest rogues such as Mephesto, Doormomu, and Nightmare. Now what if while battling one of these across the Astral plane something else gets released into our universe and what if that something turned out to be a zombie virus or creature. You would have one of the most arrogant heroes in the Marvel Pantheon of heroes responsible for it's destruction. This could lead to a great story of how Dr.Strange is battling not only the Zombies but also facing his own responsibility. We know Cummerbatch could do something like this based on his performance in Star Trek as Kahn.

Introduction of Blade, Ghost Rider, and other mystical heroes

As our story continues Dr. Strange can't defeat this problem alone. You can now introduce some of the awesome mystical heroes such as Blade and Ghost Rider as a team fighting to save the earth. Obviously keeping with the walking dead theme these are your refreshes to Michonne and Daryl but they are also two of the coolest and darkest caracters marvel has. Who wouldn't want to see a vampire, a skeleton on a motorcycle, and a sorcerer rampage through a field of zombies. It also gives us a chance to reboot both caracter into their own series.

The darkest parts of the comic.

Anyone who has read the comics knows it is pretty dark and gruesome. It takes the zombie hunger to places that make you twist in your seat. The worst for me is Spiderman dealing with the fact he ...... eats his family. Imagine the drama that would cause when played out on the big screen. Seeing the earth's greatest heroes turned into these dark creatures would be so interesting and heart breaking. Can you see RDJ playing a scene where he is warning Pepper to get away from him only to have it go horrible wrong.

It doesn't have to change anything in the current MCU.

Since we are dealing with mystics all of the carnage could be undone very easily. This could survive as a one shot movie that still keeps the current MCU stories going. You could simply have a spell or something like that eventually fixing everything but once the fans see this why would you want to.

So tell me what you thick would you want Marvel Zombies the movie?


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