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Google is working on many projects in order to enhance the usage of the Internet across the globe and also to make its search engine and results consist of variant and more quality content.

Latest Google news is about the expansion it has aimed for. It is necessary for the search engine giant to motivate and encourage more people to use the Internet if it decides to expand globally. Furthermore it will also have to assure that its products are capable of working in the areas with low bandwidth connections and spotty service.

Approximately 2.8 billion people have access, currently, to the Internet of roughly 7 billion people on earth. Along with the special projects of the company, such as that of driver-less cars and computers that are head mounted, there is also room for the most important initiative of the company, getting all the 7 billion people on Internet.

Google news reports that recently, the company has made an effort to bring few of the features of its Maps application’s functionality offline. The main objective is to make people view the map offline, as well as quest for the businesses on that offline map and navigate while in real time, at the same time when phone has the spotty connection or is not connected to the Internet.

Fitzpatrick expressed that “Google is all about making the world’s info universally accessible and useful.”

There are however, some philanthropic elements to the goals of the company. By getting almost everyone online, shall benefit the small business proprietors on the global level. A person is more likely to understand the world better with his/her access to more data. It can be for the educational reasons, connect with potential partners for business and also to figure out the symptoms of educational reasons.

This shall extend to the different parts of the world, such as India and Indonesia. They are connected to the web, however it is slow and so much so that the modern services cannot be used. There are countries here where there is only desktop connectivity available.

Such challenges are beyond merely connection people to Internet. People who have become connected to the Internet shall be creating content. The search engine giant’s results or search queries would be of no use if there was no content on the Internet to look for or answer to the particular query. It has begun to present the different challenges, for instance rethinking as to how people might or will create content and also search the Internet for it, such as inputs on keyboards of smartphones and cultural differences.

There are numerous projects that Google has its hands on in order to bring the user experience such as this to ballpark emulating experience at least that coincides with the rest of the world.


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