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How would they would redo Smallville with some changes.

Clark Kent-Dylan Sprayberry(from Man of Steel)

He should reply from Man of Steel, but redone by see how he become Superman in the end.

Lana Lang-

Same with Dylan Sprayberry, rewrite her character from being in love with Clark Kent by accepting who he is. Clark would leave Lana after high school graduation to train for five years until he return as meaning season 5-9 does not happened. It means no Lex and Lana marriage, have marriage life with Pete Ross, no power suit for Lana, and Lana return for homecoming reunion and accepting Clark and Lois's relationship.

Lex Luthor-Ari Boyland

The story with him almost the same from season 1 through 4.

Whitney Fordman-Robert Gerdisch

The story with him is remain the same from season 1 through 2.

Pete Ross-Bobb'e J.Thompson

The actor seemed close age to Clark Kent and should work at freshmen. His storyline remain the same, from season 1 through 3, no power in season 7 which never happens.

Chloe Sullivan-Willow Shields

Her story will remain the same when she know Clark kent's secret and protect him.

Martha Kent-Susan Walter

Her story will remain the same

Jonathan Kent-Linden Ashby

His story will remain the same with little nods to the Superman the movie where he have heart attack out of nowhere and his election for mayor never happens.

Lionel Luthor-Kim Coates

His story will remain the same

Lois Lane- Zoey Deutch

Her character will remain the same when she had no idea Clark Kent have superpowers.

I think this is so far I can come up with and season 5 through 8. I am not sure how long Clark's kent training except five years. if he stay at his solituide fortess at this whole time or he would have virtual reality of training where season 5 through 8 does happens in virtual reality inside the soltitude fortress.

Speaking of Soltitude of fortress being rebuilded instead of Superman movie styled,

Choice 1: Smallville/movie styled

choice 2: based on real fortress of soltitude in Mexico

Other idea that where Clark Kent going through his training in virtual reality.

here the pic:

this is where Clark Kent put himself in there,
this is where Clark Kent put himself in there,

This is where Clark Kent looks like he is unconscious while he is in his mind training in virtual reality where Season 5 through 8 could happen in their own ways from original.

In Season 10, he will wake up in there after he is stabbed by Zod when it is not complete real. He came home to his mom and she made him Super suits. Season 10 will go a season when he is Superman instead waiting in the end which as disappointing and satisfying at same time. Clark Kent will get a job at Daily Planet, nod to Season 8 as mild mannered without Lois lane going through with Clark Kent evolving into disguise and stuff. It will be like Clark Kent's real World from, Season 4 to Season 10 with all his knowledge from his training. These are just mixed ideas how it should work as reboot. There will be "real" Jimmy Olsen, not Henry olsen or anything. Perry is the one hire Clark Kent especially Lois Lane as she mentioned. Perry's character will complete jumped from drunk to Editor at Daily Planet as healthy man. This show should end with Lois Lane finally interview him and named him Superman in the end. It would be so cool to Have Zod as Villain after break out from phantom zone to go after Clark, similar to Superman 2 with Faora and Non. They worked with Lex Luthor, but Lex luthor helped out Clark because he knew Clark Kent was his friend, but still hurt when Clark Kent didnt trust him so he didnt trust him neither.

So I am just go ahead fan cast Perry, Jimmy Olsen, Zod, Faora, and Non.

Perry White-Alec Baldwin

He have huge resemble to Michael McKean from Smallville. I can see him from drunk that he thought he saw Clark Kent with superpower to healthy man Editor at Daily Planet. "Great Caesar Ghost!!!!" and "DON'T CALL ME CHIEF"

Jimmy Olsen-Joel Courtney

He would be internship while he go to college.

Cat Grant-Annalynne McCord

Different than Original Smallville's Cat Grant.

Zod-Garret Dillahunt

He looks complete resemble to General Zod with his beard on and creepy eyes.

Faora-Kate Bracken

She looks resembles to Faora with her short hair.

Non- Brian Thompson

He looks lot resemble to original Superman 2's non with all black hair with no shave. Imagine that when he have no voice and he growls like crazy animal.

This is so far i can able to come up with. I also disappointed that they did not continue Tom Welling in Man of Steel in silver screen or continue in new spin-off as metropolis as his years as Superman. In my own version of reboot would continue either movie or TV series as metropolis that the should have done with Smallville.

Anyway, Sound off as what you think of this!!!! Does it make lot better than original Smallville? I hope in own way would be better story with unnecessary story lines or arcs and more focus on Superman without any Justice League, Supergirl,Doomsday, Legions of Superheroes, Justice society, superboy,clones, no Tess Mercer, or anything like that. Might be some villains that would be developed like Gotham tv shows before final transformation in full villain until metropolis series.


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