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Why do wizards get to have all the fun? Every time I watch Harry Potter, I can't help but point at all the things I wish were real. There are so many, and the obvious answer here would be "magic" in general, but that pretty much covers everything, doesn't it? Though it was a hard list to make, I decided to list five things that I wish we muggles had, or could utilize.

1.) The Floo Network

I love going to different places, I just hate the journey there. The Floo Network would fix this dilemma for good. And who wouldn't want to use it? It's basically teleportation! Although it's slower than Apparating, you don't need a license to use the Floo Network. Quick, easy, and hassle free. Just the way I like my traveling! And in the event that you accidentally say 'diagonally', at least you're in the right location to buy...

2.) The Hand of Glory

People who have only seen the movies will know this as the creepy, shriveled hand that made us jump in The Chamber of Secrets when it grabbed Harry's wrist, but it does more than just that! It can allow the owner to see in darkness, open locked doors, and immobilize guards. Because of its uses, it's often owned by thieves, but I just kinda want one in case I lock myself outside my house!

3.) A Deluminator

This little cigarette lighter isn't as ordinary as it looks. With the power to take the lights away or put them back, it's basically the lazy man's dream come true. No longer would you have to get up and turn the lights off! I'm sure there's other, more important uses, but I just hate getting up after just becoming comfortable.

4.) An Invisibility Cloak

With this, you can put the cloak around you and become invisible! Harry used it to be in places he shouldn't, but think of the endless possibilities! Think about all of those times you told a joke and no one laughed, or stumbled on your words because you're a tad socially awkward. Have no fear! Just disappear for a while. They'll forget about you eventually. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

5.) A Pensieve

The Pensieve lets you review your memories. It's like going back in time and watching what happened as clearly as if you were right there in the moment again. It would be so awesome if I could just stash my memories on a shelf and come back to them later! I could relive every single amazing moment in my life! Who wouldn't want that?


I love my food/sweets, so I have to add them as an honorable mention. There's no way I could narrow down all the wonderful food at Hogwarts and Honeydukes. Butterbeer, Chocolate Frogs, Pumpkin Pasties... there's just too many things I must try!


Which wizarding item would you want to have/use the most?


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