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I don't know about you, but I am officially an addict.

Of everything Supernatural.

Whether because of my long-lived fascination with everything otherworldly, Dean's sly humor, or my love of 'Carry on My Wayward Son'; I'm hooked.

While the show is not exactly about real life struggles (I mean seriously - when was the last time you fought a Wendigo?!?!) - it DOES have quite the human element in it. Even for those who aren't exactly...human.

Don't believe me?

Check out these oh-so-important life lessons we can learn from the Winchester brothers:

1 - First of all, none of us can go through life alone. We ALL need someone to help us wade through the murky waters of life. Sappy, I know, but true.

2 - Inevitably, you and those you choose to go through life with will get into some disagreements at some point in time.

3 - That's OK though - when faced with a hard decision, there's always a wonderful way to decide who will go into the creepy basement first, who will buy dinner, etc...

4 - Take time to appreciate the little things, no matter what life throws at you.

5 - You can make anything as good or as bad as you want. Even if you have a crappy job to do - make it fun!

6 - Sometimes though, life is going to throw you some real doozies. It may seem like everything has come to a screeching halt and you literally feel as though you hit a brick wall.

7 - When trying times such as these come, never forget that it is OK to cry. Bottling things up can do some true damage - so let those feelings and emotions go. (Yes, even you men).

8 - Take care though that you don't let life get you down for long. Make sure you always get right back up into the saddle and start laughing again as soon as possible!

9 - No matter if you are up or down on this rollercoaster, keep something else in mind (& this is very important) - there's always time to eat. Especially pie.

10 - Last but not least, life is short. So be sure to make it...

There you have it. Life lessons to live by courtesy of Sam & Dean Winchester!

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