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I love films, any kind! Films are the essence of our lives, really? Yea well if films wouldn't have existed fantasizing and creativity would
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I am going to write about a (not so old) film named Gangs Of Wasseypur. Originally when the film got released there were many speculations about it. One that it is a 'R' rated film which trust me is a big deal in Indian Cinema, second the violence, third the abuses people are hurling at each other in the film, fourth sex and the list is endless. What people didn't realize was this film, divided into two parts, would revolutionize the whole film industry. It was commendable just because it had a vision which surprisingly the audience was able to understand.

The shots, the direction, the camera work, the acting, everything was over the mark of well-done. This film was a cup cake that one couldn't have missed and who can forget the dialogues, the "Goli nahi marenge, keh ke lungi uski" which every person was almost updating as their status. Everything was mind blowing and one could just gawk at the screen because the film was so self-absorbing.

The hard part for being a film-maker in India is that it's difficult to be one (understand what I mean). Unless of course it is appreciated or nodded from the International market who apparently are the gods of film-making (sense the sarcasm). Although it would take India Cinema especially Bollywood a lot of struggle to reach that kind of creativity as they do in Hollywood.

Anyway back on the film, the work of brigade of actors in the GOW both part 1 and 2 was impeccable. The actors were comfortable doing roles which the so-called main stream actors and actress couldn't even dream of doing. You must be thinking why now am I blabbering about it, well you will understand exactly how I feel when you watch it again for the third time and still get the same feeling of goosebumps you got when you watched it for the first time.

This is not a review, these are some thoughts of a GOW fan wanting to talk about it and what better platform than the social media itself.

The film ended with almost everybody getting killed (major spoiler), and all I could think was this dialogue from breaking bad when Mr. White and his son are watching scarface and Mr. White smiles and says, "Almost everybody in this film gets killed, don't they?" And behind him is Skyler all scared (her eyes changed colour, didn't it?)

Back on GOW, if you haven't watched it then shut whatever you are doing and watch it, you won't regret it. And if you hate it then I only have one thing to say, "Beta tumse na ho paega." Not literally of course!

At the end (i just can't stop it) my favourite dialogue "Saala jab tak Hindustaan mai cinema hai, Log chutiya bante rahenge."


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