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PG | 2015 | 130m

Director Brad Bird (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, The Incredibles) brings us the next installment is the series of films that are slowing turning all the non-movie attractions at Disney World into movies themselves.

Tomorrowland is actually another dimension, where the brightest, most daring people go and seemly horde their best inventions, lead by Nix (Hugh Laurie.) There are so many advanced technologies that exist in this other dimension, it's disturbing that they are not shared with the rest of humanity. The first time we see this land, it's actually through a portal a younger version of George Clooney's character, Frank Walker, is lead to by a young girl at the world's fair, in the 60s. The portal is part of the It's a Small World ride. (Possibly the next Disney theme park adaptation?)

The movie then skips to Casey Newton's (Britt Robertson) story and how she is informed of Tomorrowland's existence. The daughter of a NASA engineer, she is discovered by the Tomorrowland recruiter after she attempts to sabotage the dismantling of the NASA launch pad in Florida. She is given a pin that allows her to see Tomorrowland, but is not actually transported there. As she walks around in the other dimension, she bumps into objects on our plane of existence.

The little girl that found Walker as a child, brings Casey to him. Walker knows the day the world will end with a 100% probability. However, Casey's can do, never give up attitude changes the probability and gives hope to saving the earth from its doom.

While Tomorrowland isn't the best movie of the year, I say "See It." It is a fun watch, with great actors and effects.


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