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You always hear about what videogames should be movies or which ones feel like movies; if you were to ask a gamer what game should be turned into a movie then you normally get something like The Last of Us or Uncharted or Red Dead Redemption, and to those I always say “NO!,” mostly because those games in my eyes are already cinematic masterpieces, they’re perfect in story, atmosphere, characters, visuals, you know…everything needed to make a great movie. If you were to turn The Last of Us into a movie then you’d be taking a 14 hour experience and turning it into 2 hours, and The Last of Us already has a perfect story and perfect visuals and perfect characters, there is nothing that a movie version could add to it; it would just be taking away from a perfect videogame, and the same goes for a lot of games that often get mentioned. That’s why I’m going to be discussing those videogames that should get movie adaptations, because they have a chance to do something different.

10. Infamous

Infamous is remembered fondly for its addictively fun gameplay, while the characters were entertaining, the story & visuals were just…good. A movie version could be awesome, and I’m talking big explosive special effects with awesome action scenes and beautiful visuals. Who could direct something like this? My pick: Zack Snyder, while hit and miss with the stories of his films, you can’t deny, visually, the dude knows how to make a damn good film, particularly with action scenes and I imagine he would not disappoint in this adaptation.

9. Mirror's Edge

Being perfectly honest, I’m not the biggest fan of Mirror’s Edge, mostly because the gameplay isn’t really my cup of tea, but I will admit that Mirror’s Edge has a very unique style to it and those parkour and hand-to-hand fight scenes would look amazing on the big screen. And the person who I think would be great with this is Gareth Evans, best known for directing The Raid and The Raid 2, which in my opinion are the greatest action movies of the past decade, so I imagine he would do a phenomenal job with this film.

8. American McGee's Alice

Honestly, I want this simply because I would love to see this style brought to the big screen, a gothic adaptation of Alice in Wonderland; I imagine it might confuse audiences as most people think of Alice in Wonderland as a classic kid friendly Disney film. My main problem with this is that the director who I would have chosen for this project, Tim Burton, already made an Alice in Wonderland movie which…well, sucked, and ironically did not feel like a Tim Burton film.

7. Halo

Halo is one of the biggest sci-fi stories in gaming history, yes a lot will have to be cut in order to make this into a movie, but let’s be honest, a lot of stuff in the Halo series is just plain filler, I feel like this is a story that could easily be compressed into 3 movies, (because Halo would definitely be a trilogy), and this is a series that has been in development for years now; it’s time we got this ball rolling! And my pick for directing: Neill Blomkamp, duh, the guy has wanted to make a Halo movie for years.

6. Legend of Zelda

I honestly want to see this out of curiosity more than anything else, to see if it’s possible, to make a legit Legend of Zelda movie, while still being a faithful adaptation, that means Link-Doesn’t-Talk. I get that this would be a challenge to pull off, but I really want to see if this is possible, because if you can make Legend of Zelda into a great movie, you can make any videogame into a great movie. And I think we should bring along the man that made an unfilmable book into a great film, Peter Jackson.

5. Devil May Cry

Again, curiosity more than anything - that, plus some amazing visuals. Can you imagine how a Devil May Cry movie would look from a visual stand point? Your brain would explode from the awesomeness happening on screen. The director I have in mind for this would be the one the only Guillermo Del Toro, one of the greatest visual directors of all time, so him taking on a project like this would be a match made in heaven as his previous film Pan’s Labyrinth proved he can do dark fantasy while Pacific Rim proved he can do action. Mash the two together and you have Devil May Cry (just make sure it’s original Dante).

4. Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid is an incredibly difficult story to adapt into a feature film, mostly because if you ever try to explain the plot of this franchise to anyone then it sounds absolutely crazy, like something you’d never be able to take seriously, but somehow we’re able to do it, and it takes the very talented Hideo Kojima to be able to pull that off, and I don’t see any reason why he wouldn’t be able to take on the film adaptation, after all, the Metal Gear games are very cinematic so it wouldn’t be that difficult to adapt it to the big screen. But the main reason why I want this to be adapted is because first of all, to see if it would work, to see if mass film audiences can watch something as over the top as MGS and take it seriously, to see all those action set pieces and cinematic moments brought to their best on the big screen, and finally to have a cohesive MGS story that doesn’t feel bloated and really long, because let’s face it, there’s plenty of stuff that you could have cut out, a movie version might actually have a better flowing narrative.

3. Resident Evil (But Good)

There have been a ton of Resident Evil movies…but none of them are any good, guilty pleasures at best, but not only are they bad movies, but they’re also bad adaptations, the further these films have gone the less they resemble the videogames. But the worst part about that isn’t that the story or characters have changed, but the tone. Resident Evil is often considered one of the greatest horror games of all time and revolutionized the industry, I want to see that brought to the big screen, I want to watch a Resident Evil movie and have the living daylights scared out of me, so have someone like James Wan or Scott Derrickson direct a Resident Evil movie and give this movie franchise a good reputation for once.

2. Bioshock

Bioshock is just begging for a film, I mean the themes and cinematic experience that people have while playing this game is beyond what anyone expected, not only was it able to creep the hell out of you but it also made you think about deep subject matters, like what it means to be human and how far can humanity go while maintaining said humanity. The game has an incredible atmosphere and smart writing behind it, but there is still plenty of room for change for a movie adaptation, mostly through the main character, who remains the silent first person protagonist for the entire game (I hate that cliché). They could do whatever they like with him and the game is paced like a videogame, obviously, which means there are parts that are there simply to fill up time, so it is a story that could easily be compressed into two hours, or hell, even 3 hours, I wouldn’t mind, I doubt most fans will, because the story is so gripping and interesting that it can hold your attention for that long. As for a director, I would love to see David Fincher or Darren Aronofsky take on this project, people who know how to handle dark themes as well as analyze the human condition.

1. Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

Eternal Darkness is one of the most creative videogames of all time, for those of you that have never heard of it, it’s a psychological horror game that often breaks the fourth wall. And while most games break the fourth wall to create some comedy, Eternal Darkness uses it to psychologically mess with the player, such as pretending to turn the volume down, making you think your controller disconnected and even going as far as to make it look like you accidentally deleted your saved file. These qualities and more make it one of the most creative break the fourth wall games I’ve ever seen and I would just be dying to see what they could do in movie form, see what techniques they would use to fool the audience or make them think something has gone wrong, it would be incredible to see, and that is why it is my no. 1 videogame that should be a movie. My pick for a director would be someone who can handle unique projects and my choice is Edgar Wright. Though he's not known for doing psychological horror, his films are like no other. He has such a unique filming style and has tackled multiple genres that I believe he could take on this project.


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