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Action-thriller fans will be introduced to a new kind of action-hero when Stratton arrives in theaters. The film is based on the best selling series from Duncan Falconer and will follow the story of a british special boat services commando tracking down an international terrorist cell. Fans were originally promised that Henry cavill would step into the role of the no-nonsense commando,but things didn't go as planned. Cavill exited the film based on creative differences and claimed to have a different vision for the movie. Now Dominic Cooper is tasked with bringing the special forces operative to life which will be difficult since the film will be undoubtedly overshadowed by Cavill's departure from the project.

Cooper has been in a number of pictures and has become popular for playing the wise-cracking father of Tony Stark on "Agent Carter".He will also be stepping into the role of DC comics Preacher which is currently being filmed for a series that will premiere on AMC. Both Stratton and Preacher could do wonders for Cooper's career since he hasn't always had the best luck as an actor and has struggled to stand out in an ever expanding sea of talent. Stratton will be a crucial test of Cooper's action chops and whether or not he can give a convincing,commanding performance as an armed to the teeth special forces operative. This will also test his screen presence to see if he can capture and hold the attention of an audience while creating the illusion that we're right there with him in the middle of the action.

If Cooper can pull this off ,we could be looking at the next big action franchise which will unite fans of Cooper and the acclaimed book series. Director Wes ball is also in the hot seat since many of his fans feel that he has lost his touch as a director, hopefully this film will be his return to form. Despite the forces working against this film, Stratton can also boast a cast consisting of Gemma Chan, Tom Felton, and Thomas Kretschmann among the stars. All of that aside, this is a film to watch out for, and hopefully a film that benefits everyone involved.


Stratton has no release date but is rumored for 2017


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