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Hi guys, this is a pretty well researched list (hopefully) of my top ten video games involving zombie killing (or any undead really). Notice it's my top ten, feel free to disagree with my choices in the comments but don't get too worked up about it because I'm not saying it's an official list of any sort. I'm a big fan of these games, and that's why I made a list of my favourites. Also, just to clarify, I have picked game series as opposed to individual games, just to make it a little easier to pick.

10. House of the dead

Oh yes, I couldn't leave it out of the list so in at number ten is House of the dead. This is a huge series, with four games and nine or ten spin off games, the house of the dead 3 is huge for me because it was the game I always looked forward to playing any time I went to the arcades in my holiday town. But the whole game franchise as a whole is just a lot of fun, excepting the absolutely ridiculous plots which make less than no sense, these games are really good. For any of you who don't know much about it, every game has almost identical stories:

Agents (insert new generic male name here) and (insert new generic female name here) are sent into (insert new popular location here) to deal with hordes of mutated creatures made by Dr. (insert new evil villain name here), as they try to figure out how he created the creatures, and where he has gone.

They are a lot of fun though, and I couldn't leave them out of the list. They even spawned a couple of films, although we don't like to talk about those a lot...

9. Plants vs Zombies

Yes, I know. It's an app. Well this app has spawned a sequel, a video game version of itself, and a hell of a lot of merchandise that I see everywhere now. Everyone loves these plants that are able to destroy hordes of zombies with peas and by swallowing them, and occasionally blowing them up of course. I realised just how big this game had gotten when my dad got addicted to it... that means it's very very popular. So I put it on the list. Let's face it, many people have put just as many hours into it as some people have into all the other games on this list combined, it's just a massive game now.

8. Left 4 Dead

Yes! This game (and its sequel) were the top zombie game around for a while, and I loved it. No, I love it, I still play the first game all the time. Not because it's the best game out there, but because it's easy to play and still fun to play. There are only four campaigns to play, and there isn't a massive weapon choice or anything, but let's face it, these games were still awesome. It was probably the simplicity of them that we all loved so much. The main thing it introduced was online multiplayer where you could be a zombie, which was a huge new thing, and everyone went crazy for it. I have to admit, I loved being as evil as I possibly could.

7. Dead Rising

With three games, as well as various exclusive to one console games, and a Japanese film, as well as an upcoming film starring Jesse Metcalfe around the corner, Dead Rising certainly deserves seventh place on this list. Personally, I mostly played the Nintendo Wii version "Chop till you drop" but I've had a go at some of the others on the Xbox, and it is exactly what you want in a zombie game. It's got a host of weapons, including many of the obvious zombie fighting ones (chainsaw, baseball bat) in addition to footballs and traffic cones, for reasons only Capcom can possibly understand. Anyway, the whole disease ridden zombie thing has been a little common in this list so far, let's go for a little more historic zombie action..

6. Call of Duty- Nazi Zombie series

One of the longest running game franchises in history, Call of Duty is certainly becoming worse and worse with every passing identical game, however there was a time when a young me went out and got an Xbox 360 (in 2009) and what was the first game he bought? Call of Duty: World at War (or CoD WaW as it was referred to back then). It was definitely at the height of it's power after the masterpiece that was Modern Warfare, and it was the game that introduced Nazi Zombies. I played for hours and hours, and the one soul crushing thing you realised when you thought you were doing well? You can NEVER win. Ever. It's kind of like the hopeless feeling you would get in a real zombie apocalypse... which is kind of the point I guess.

5. Dead Space

I'll be honest... I couldn't play this late at night for a little while when I first got it. This took horror in games to a whole new level. It was seriously scary. I'm not entirely sure if any of the things in that game were zombies, but they certainly weren't alive, and that's close enough for me. Dead Space was a lot more like a film than a game sometimes, and that is probably why they did a couple of animated films based on them, because it's just the game with the gameplay taken out. Speaking of games that are more like films...

4. The Last of Us

This one is actually going to be a major film, why? Because the plot was just that good. This was really top notch. It took things to a whole new level, and I can't wait to get the remastered edition when I finally join the cool kids again and get a PS4. Anyway, The Last of Us is about Joel and Ellie, two people bonded through being left alone in a post apocalyptic world, who join together in an attempt to find a cure for the disease tearing the world they knew apart. It's a masterpiece of a game, and I wouldn't use that word to describe many films, never mind video games.

3. Dead Island

When I first heard about Dead Island, I dismissed it. I didn't think much of another zombie game, I already had Left 4 dead and Nazi Zombies, what more did I need? But then my friend got it and described it to me, and I went out and got it the next day. For anyone who hasn't played it, it's a little like Skyrim, with zombies. For anyone who hasn't played Skyrim... go away.

Dead Island is your basic "beautiful resort goes insane when zombies take over" kind of thing. It isn't the story that makes it such a brilliant game, it's the in depth level of everything within the game. The huge variety of missions, everything from picking up alcohol for annoying women to searching a crashed plane, and just about anything in between that you feel like doing. It can all be found in this incredible spectacle. Of course it doesn't make sense half the time, but that's what you expect in a game about humans trying to eat your brains, right?

2. Doom

Now who here has never played any Doom games? If that's you, please go play some. Doom was a pioneer in first person shooters, and remains to this day to be one of the greatest video games known to man. It's about a space marine who has to fight hordes (why are undead things always in hordes? That word was everywhere when I did research for this article) of undead creatures on every level, while avoiding pits of unpleasant liquids, and trying to find various keys to unlock doors and escape alive. I used to sit as a child, entranced, as my dad played Final Doom on the computer. I never wanted to play it myself, because I was literally too scared. Eventually I came to love playing it myself, and the entire collection still sits on my shelves to this day. Let's not forget the film based off of it, which starred Dwayne Johnson and Karl Urban, it wasn't very good, but all the same, it starred Dwayne Johnson and Karl Urban.

Before we get to number one, there are a couple which get honourable mentions, as is always the way, I didn't want to not mention them at all:

  • Minecraft
  • The Evil Within
  • Half Life
  • The Walking Dead
  • Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

All great games, and you can be angry in the comments about them missing out on the list, but you cannot possibly dispute number one.

1. Resident Evil

The number of games is somewhere between twenty and twenty five, depending on how you count. The number of units sold is over 61 million. The first game came out in 1996, and since then it has spawned all of those sequels, countless childhood memories, and five (soon to be six) brilliant action films. Resident Evil is without a doubt the greatest franchise based on zombie killing that we have ever had the pleasure of playing a part of. Milla Jovovich is one of the greatest female action stars ever because of it, and the games continue to come out every year or two, without fail. It has been available on 18 different game consoles, from Dreamcast to PS4, and it is a global phenomenon. Without a doubt, it takes number one on the list. Here's the trailer for the remastered version of the original game, enjoy, and thanks for reading!


Which game is your favourite?


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