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You can disagree with me on this if you are for Gal Gadot, and let me just say that I do not condemn her playing Wonder Woman. However, I do believe there are other actresses out there that should have been considered, heavily. Let me know what you think in the comment section...

1. Gina Carano

  • My #1. She is without the slightest doubt the perfect face, perfect stature, and ultimately the perfect Wonder Woman. In addition, she is a former mixed-martial artists...She knows what Wonder Woman has to do!

2. Morena Baccarin

  • Between The Flash, Gotham, and the upcoming Deadpool, this Brazilian has got a lot on her plate. But Morena's determination and devotion to acting has allowed her to take on performances few women dare to do. She has the looks to to pull off the Amazonian Wonder Woman, and has amazing acting abilities.

3. Jaimie Alexander

  • Sif, you might say. Honestly, she is an amazing actor and has the perfect body for Wonder Woman, but I'm putting her at number 3 because she clearly doesn't have the 'Amazonian-flare' as some might say. However, I think she can still pull off a better Wonder Woman.

4. Gemma Arteron

  • You might remember her from Prince of Persia, in which she plays a beautiful and badass queen. Aside from that, she is a really good actress, and she has the looks to play Wonder Woman.

5. Jessica Biel

  • This is my least likely choice, but I think Jessica Biel's acting experience can put her above Gal Gadot. Other than that she is beautiful and I believe she is somewhat worthy to play Wonder Woman.

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