ByGavin Porter, writer at

Rumors are spreading around that Microsoft is in talks with Konami to purchase the rights for Silent Hills, a deal that is said to cost billions! The deal is being rushed now in the hopes that if it goes through, Microsoft can announce the title as an Xbox One exclusive at this year’s E3, a move that would potentially skyrocket sales for the console.

Evidence that points to this being a reality is that the video received an anonymous tip from a source that has provided them with reliable information in the past. Additionally, the removal of P.T. from the Playstation Network might have been a show of good faith by Konami to ensure its exclusivity on the Xbox One platform.

Please remember that this is solely to be taken as a rumor until we have heard otherwise. Let me know what you think about this in the commentsbelow.

(The above mentioned video sorry that it's just a link I have no idea how to put an actual video in a artical.)


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