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Batman the only person in Justice League who's not a demi-God. But no doubt he's the superhuman present in the league. The only person who's capable of neutralizing the whole league alone.
The only person who does fair with this character is none other than Bruce Wayne.

Reason 1:

The heartbreak which was felt by Bruce as kid lead to develop a rage inside him which leads to a long journey of taking revenge. To do so he became cold to the world which was the result of Batman being a cold Detective.

Reason 2:

We all know Batman has a lot of tech, it is said that just to own a bat-mobile you must posses 300 million US $. Who other person than Bruce have that much money. He not only posses bat-mobile and all the techs that Batman posses but also The Bat-cave which alone costs 800 million US $.

Reason 3:

If Batman is for nights then Bruce Wayne is for mornings.

We all know to see Batman we have to wait for night to fall, so who investigates the cases all day? Its very simple, the answer is Bruce. After all the man behind the World's greatest detective is Bruce, that means any person who's a better detective than Batman is Bruce Wayne.

Reason 4:

"Batman The Dark Knight"

We all call Batman the master of the dark. To do so he must have mastered the Darkness of not only around him but also of inside him.
After his parents murder Bruce wanted to conquer his burning rage, he wanted to harness that darkness inside him, so he joined the League of Shadows to harness all that. There he learned to master darkness too. This brings Bruce more close to Batman.

Reason 5:

A still from Batman:The Dark Knight Part 2
A still from Batman:The Dark Knight Part 2

We all know that Batman is a man without any fears, when we think about it Bruce is the guy who made him fearless. He fear no one, not even when Superman knew all about him and could have neutralized him anytime of his choice. In place Batman kicked Superman's ass.

Reason 6:

You need a lot of charm to impress Amazonian Princess, Diana aka Wonder Woman, and we all know Batman doesn't lack that at all. After all he had so many relationships. But the guy behind the mask is no less at all. Bruce in life is prepossessing too.
That means Batman was not only having relationships on mask but off mask too.

Reason 7:

Batman likes to show off and there is no doubt where it comes from..!!

Reason 8:

We all know that batman is a badass and he was made so by its founder Bruce.
Watching his family die his city being threatened he didn't gave up he kept coming back to save its city not only as crime fighting Batman but also as multi millionare, charitable Bruce Wayne.

Reason 9:

The sarcastic Batman comes from sarcastic Bruce.


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