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There was a rumor floating around that implied Silent Hills would be coming back. Everyone was excited over the news, since we were all so incredibly devastated. However, there were some conflicting feelings towards this, since part of the rumor included that it would turn into an Xbox exclusive. A weird decision, to say the least, since the entire series has been featured on PlayStation systems since the beginning. Some people even turned to the belief that P.T. was removed from the PlayStation Network since there was a new deal with Konami and Microsoft.

Finally, we're brought with some reliable information. Konami and Microsoft are not doing a deal together. Someone on Twitter was just as hopeful as we all were to the rumor, and they tweeted to Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft's Xbox division. Spencer responded to him with the news that the rumor is false.

But just because it has been confirmed that Konami and Microsoft aren't exclusively teaming up, this doesn't mean that the title is done for good. It really hasn't been very long since the news of Silent Hills cancellation, and all hope is not lost yet.

It would be terribly foolish of Konami to end the Silent Hill series here. There are so many fans of the series waiting for a good Silent Hill game again. And if Konami ever doubted it before, they surely aren't now after the backlash of fans trying to get the game back. I'm certain that this won't be the last we hear of Silent Hills.


Do you still have hope for Silent Hills?


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