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There's been no lack of behind-the-scenes pics for ABC Family's upcoming "Shadowhunters" television series. Based upon the series of books by Cassandra Clare, the folks behind the show recently gave us not only the literal perfection that is the picture of this article, (Katherine McNamara as Clary, Alberto Rosende as Simon and Dom Sherwood as Jace) but our first proper look at Sherwood as Jace. Suited and booted looking better in black than-

Well you know the rest! Check out the pic below!

Ooo, and our first look at the outside of Pandemonium too? Can I get a "Hell YEAH"?! Other reveals include Maxim Roy as Jocelyn Fray, the badass Shadowhunter Mum of Clary, pictured below with Katherine who plays Clary in the show.

Check out the hair colour on these two! Just like the books, or just like the freaking books!? We've also got our first look at Glee Alumni Harry Shum Jr in what could be full or half make-up as the High Warlock of Brooklyn, Magnus Bane, along with love interest and Shadowhunter, Alec. Played in the show by hottie Matthew Daddario.

But wait!! There's more! Up next is a low-light snap of the stunning Emeraude Toubia as Isabelle Lightwood (Alec's sister), fully dressed up and in disguise!

The two piece costume takes on a slightly different look to its book counterpart, but with the ages of Clary and Simon rising to 18, respectively, we can expect perhaps a slightly more "mature" version of the characters we know and love.

Alan Van Sprang, "Reign" alumni and now Valentine for the show, recently tweeted out this picture, for Day 5 of filming the new show. He is pictured with actress Maxim Roy.

And if THAT'S not enough for you, I also have a casting update ICYMI, in the form of "Being Human" alumni, Jon Cor, taking on the role of weapons trainer Hodge Starkweather!

The actor joins an already impressive cast, and if you're wondering about his boy-band, slightly juvenile good looks, author Cassandra Clare herself has said that Hodge is supposed to be younger than Jocelyn. So, we'll just go with it.

MASSIVE BONUS - Clary and Simon singing!?

Yep, you read correctly. Well, partially. I doubt Clary and Simon will be singing in the show (or maybe they will?) but nevertheless, here's an adorable video of Kate and Alberto singing between takes and bonding like BFF's would on set!

Feeling nostalgic for the movie? Console yourselves with the knowledge that Movie Clary and Jace, aka Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower, have reconciled after two years, and are back together again! The young star recently posted a series of snaps to her instagram of her with her former and now current beau!

I don't know about you but between Shadowhunter updates and awesomness, and now this, my fangirl ship is practically flying!


On a scale of 1-100, how utterly, adorably PERFECT are the cast of Shadowhunters??


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