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What is accepted in society as appropriate is influenced by what Hollywood produces and what viewers consume. Hollywood is a means to Social engineering that affect cultural mores and the normalization of all things it chooses to promote.

Least this description be viewed as a critical, Hollywood can also promote positive social themes, and it has in past and recent productions.

Make a list of the themes you think a film promotes, even the subtle ones, and you'll get my point.

Now to the point of relevance. Hollywood is consumer driven. Sometimes all the advertising and promotional dollars attract movie goers, despite the deplorable content of a film; for example, the naughty and sexual explicit, Fifty Shades of Gray. Sollacious as the film is, it was promoted with an abandon in the media and sold to the public as something desirable to watch.

One does not have to look far for other examples.

During the second World War, Hollywood produced an endless stream of movies that promoted the cause of the Allies. Hollywood was a regular propoganda machine for the US. Germany and it's allies were using the media too.

During the Vietnam war, the media opposed the war. The media reported the violent riots and resistance against the war. This swayed public opinion and we left Vietnam a defeated nation. We treated our vets deplorably.

There are numerous other example from Watergate for Nixon to Zipper gate for Bill Clinton.

What about George W. Bush. He was vilified be the media. Obama during his first four years has gotten a pass despite all kinds of good material for the media to have a feeding frenzied over. I regress.

There are examples of positive themes and role models in movies that show courage, selflessness, tenacity, faith and seeking truth. These themes are not promoted with the same fierceness and abandon as other more provocative themes.

The Academy rewards daring. Dallas Buyers Club is an example of this. The objective of the movie was to make watchers aware of the tyranny and suffering caused by Aides and the desperate measures that those who are suffering will go. The main characters were a straight, promiscuous male and his transgendered friend. The evil FDA Healthcare system, and State, and Federal Government were to blame for being complicit in keeping these mistreated people from the care they deserved.

There are other examples of daring themes that test the boundaries of social mores and promote themes that promote social and political agendas on all sides of arguments.

What responsibility should Hollywood have? What responsibility should the public have? What is the role of government and social structures?

The media shapes our thinking and our lives.

In a recent trip abroad, my wife and I were exposed to international media stories about events in the US and around the world. It was refreshing to see the outside point of view. The world is looking at America and scratching is collective heads at the craziness it sees. So that what happens when you give people relative abounding wealth and leisure. Corruption, moral, political, and social decay on one side with a relatively unresponsive social majority that is too complacent and passive to do anything about it on the other side.

Just my humble observations. The issues obviously far more complex than I have described.



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