ByScott Joel Docherty, writer at
First time I've done anything like this so let's see if I do it right my 4 ultimate badass characters for suicide squad are as follows No 1 Sasuke uchiha with vengeance his ultimate goal in life it doesn't take much to become his next victim I believe his utter ruthlessness even to his own team mates will make him an excellent team leader
No two is lucifer Morningstar out of Constantine with a whole host of powers this ultimate bad ass hard to kill character with strike fear into anybody because not only can he kill you you're his to do with for ever afterwards
No 3 lady death stroke this lady will cut you heart out in a split second and will cut through anything to get to it with her adamantium nails and the whole healing powers along with it make a undefeatable kick ass lady
And last but by no means least I've chosen doomsday for pure strength and for a character that is the arch nemesis of superman I believe he can and will go through anyone with no regard for anything that is in his way

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