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The word true is thrown around alot these days. True could mean what is fact, or what you believe to be fact. This is what I believe. Over a decade I have been a Flash fan. I have read every comic I could get my hands on, and I have watched everything he has ever been in ranging from the Justice League, to Smallville, and yes even BOTH Flash tv series. The Flash television series (2014-) is by far a confusing plot. Although it captured the imaginations and even the dreams of some comic fans out there. For those of you who don't know or haven't watched The Flash, the main antagonist throughout the first season has been "Harrison Wells" aka "Eobard Thawne". Thawne kills and takes the form and body of Harrison with a device from the future, which is true to the comics as Thawne used a machine to change his figure to resemble Barry Allen and take over his life. Thats not all Thawne did.

First let me start off by telling you a little bit about Eobard Thawne. Eobard is a speedster from the 25th century, and Barry Allens biggest foe in the comics. Although he didn't always have a hatred for the scarlet speedster. In fact, he was Barrys biggest fan. In the 25th century nearly everything about Barry is cataloged from his name, to his birth place, even his family. But what intrigued Eobard above all else was the entity known as "The Speed Force". The Speed Force is what almost all speedsters derive their powers from. It is what grants them their amazing speed and grants those who are connected to it the title of Speed Force Conduit. It took years over years for Thawne to piece together all the information and recreate the experiment that gave barry his powers. Thawne went back in time to visit and meet his hero. Although he arrived a few years after the death of Barry Allen and when Wally West was The Flash. Eobard worked along side West and even became a Flash himself. That all changed when Thawne visited "The Flash Museum". A whole museum dedicated to the exploits of Central Citys greatest hero. There Thawne discovered he was meant not to be an ally of the speedsters, but instead he became Barrys greatest enemy! This drove him over the edge, going insane and on a crime spree, only to be stopped by Wally and sent back to his time in the future. Leaving Thawne practically insane and with a grudge that will last generations.

Now back to EVENTS relating to the television series. Eobard, under the guise of Harrison Wells created and sabotaged the Particle Accelerator, leading to the accident that gave barry, and a multitude of others, superhuman powers. These people were labeled metahumans, and we see a variety of them on The Flash, and also a few on Arrow. Enough of that. Now ever since we have seen the casting on wikipedia or some other site, we learned that Rick Cosnett would be portraying the character Eddie Thawne. Which come on, all of us at one point believed he was "The Man in Yellow". Eddie was the boyfriend and nearly the fiance of Barrys main love interest Iris West. The writers of The Flash have done a stupendous JOB at keeping us on our toes. Up until the episode "The Man in the Yellow Suit" did all of us argue amongst ourselves of who the Reverse Flash really was. In the episode labeled above we learned that Harrison Wells was really the man behind the mask (although it took barry until episode 17 to truly believe it). This shocked a few of us, while the rest simply had our suspicions confirmed, Wells was the man who killed Barrys mother.

The reason I am writing this article is simply to let everyone know the facts behind "Revers Flash" whether you know these details or not, they helped shape my final theory on "The Thawnes". Yes by "Thawnes" I also mean Eddie, and not just Eobard. In SE1 EP15 we discover that Eobard is a direct descendant of Eddie. This means that Eddie might be hiding a secret as well. In the season finale we finally get the confession from Wells that we have all been waiting for since the first episode of the season. During confession we hear Eobard tell Barry the reason he killed barrys mother all those years. It was strictly out of hate. The truth behind that fateful night was more than Barry wanted to know. Eobard didn't simply come back to kill Nora (Barrys mom) but instead he was trying to kill the young Barry. Although Barry was saved by his future self, leading to Thawne coming up with the idea to kill his mother instead, hoping that the EVENT wouldleave Barry so traumatized that he would never become "The Flash". Although after he killed Nora, Eobard was stuck in the past, disconnected from "The Speed Force" Thawne was trapped in our time with no way to get back (which led to the body snatching of Wells). During the finale Barry goes back in time, throughout the whole episode he was seeking counsil, on whether he should go back and save his mother or not, which will not only save Nora, but also will make it so he never lived with Joe and Iris, and that his father was never thrown into prison. After what I imagine was the hardest decision of the speedster life, barry instead decided to travek back in time, not to save his mother, but instead to say goodbye like he has always wanted. He returned through the wormhole just in time to prevent Eobard from going back to his own time in the "Time Sphere" created by the team at S.T.A.R. Labs. The finale ended with Eddie shooting and killing himself to prevent Eobard from ever being born, erasing him from existence. Which begged the question in alot of peoples minds on "Why Nora is still dead, and Barrys father still in prison" well I will explain that below.

I gave you all a brief history of who exactly Eobard was in an above paragraph. That was just the tip of the iceberg. Along with having all the powers and abilities of Barry, Thawne also had one that Barry does not have. Eobard Thawne in the comics is a Paradox. Meaning him (or his actions) can EXIST in any timeline as long as he still has roots to this reality. That is where Eddie comes in. After Eddie shot and killed himself this erased Eobards "Roots". Meaning Eobard was never even born. Although his actions were still large enough to effect reality even with him gone. Eddie forfeited his life to be a hero, although that sacrifice might have made him a villain.

Here are my TWO theories on who exactly Eddie might become. The first theory I have is that Eddie will become the villain "Hunter Zolomon". The arch enemy of Wally West. I know, I know, it sounds idiotic, this is just a loose theory so just stay with me here. The only reason I believe he will be Zolomon is because of how we last saw Eddie. Him being sucked into the wormhole, turned black hole is a big giveaway. You see Zolomon doesn't have super speed in the normal sense, instead he can alter time relative to himself. Meaning that Zolomon can slow the world around him to a crawl, to appear to be moving at superhuman speed, when in fact, the world is just moving super slow. For those who don't know a wormhole is a portal through space and TIME. Eddies body was sucked through the wormhole (when barry could have easily carried him out). The wormhole could inbdue him with the powers that the character Hunter Zolomon possesses, but like I said, this is a loose theory of mine. My REAL theory which I find sound is that Eddie is in fact Barry Allens twin. By twin I of course mean long lost. In the comics Barrys mother gave birth to two baby boys. One of which was given to CHARLENE THAWNE. This babies name was Malcolm Thawne. Now the reason I believe that Eddie is in fact Malcolm is because.. Well. Look at him!

Could be twins
Could be twins

The resemblance between the two is uncanny, and I refuse to believe that the writers and producers put Eddie Thawne in the show just to throw off the fans, he was WAY to much of a recurring character in the first season to be some ploy. No this character has a meaning deeper than most know. Eddie is to become something more than who he was. This I know for certain. What is the secret that Eddie has been hiding? A secret that he admits to having in the episode "The Fastest Man Alive".


Who do YOU think Eddie is?


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