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Coming from Belgium, where American comics aren't exactly big, it was hard for me to gain knowledge about them. Thankfully I had movies, car
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Many people today like to be nostalgic about cartoons. Saying that these days, cartoons are utter garbage, and only old cartoons were good. I personally, think that's total bogus. We have some incredibly creative cartoon series/webseries going on right now. I'd like to share some of my favourites with you.

1. Adventure Time

Starting of with an obvious one, Adventure Time is one of the most globally liked and supported animated series going on at the moment.

The main crew of AT
The main crew of AT

Adventure Time is liked by children and adults alike. The latter are often way more fanatic than the former. It is very often a chosen subject for Cosplay or fanart.

One of the main reasons Adventure Time is such a good show in my opinion, is the backstory. The world of Ooo, where it takes place, is basically Earth, years after a nuclear war. Said war is referenced to as The Great Mushroom War. All the strange creatures are a result of radiation and such.

Also, the characters are awesomely intricate, the humour is sometimes subtle, sometimes very in-the-face, etc.

2.Axe Cop

Granted, Axe Cop is a webseries, and the episodes are only about 10 min. long, but still. It's pretty darn great.

One of Axe Cop's many catchphrases
One of Axe Cop's many catchphrases

Axe Cop was created by Ethan Nicolle, and his 5-year old son Malachai. Yes, you read that right. The whole premise of this show was come up by a small child. And it is incredibly noticeable, in all the right ways. It is deliciously absurd on every level.

To begin with, the characters. Axe cop is an overly awesome cop, who found an axe at a crime scene, and thus he earned his name. Before that, he was known as just "Cop". His partner is a balding guy named Flute Cop. He can blow bad guys' heads off by playing his flute. AC's mode of transportation is a rocket-powered T-rex, and his friends count members as a cyborg lion-man and a guy with gym socks for arms. 'Nuff said.

3.Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is an Adult.Swim show. This one is definitely not for kids. It's about genius inventor Rick, and his grandchild/traveling companion/guinea pig Mortimer, AKA Morty.

Our heroes, admire their glory!
Our heroes, admire their glory!

RaM was created by Dan Harmon, creator of Community. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, Community is probably the best Sitcom-ish series ever. Yes, ever.

Now, as I said, Rick is a genius inventor. And when I say genius, I mean GENIUS. We follow the duo as they go from traveling through dimensions, to saving a theme park INSIDE A HUMAN BEING. Oh yes, Rick has built a theme park about the human body, inside a human body. The show is hilariously weird, you should totally check it out if you haven't.

Honourable mentions: Bojack Horseman, The Regular Show, Over The Garden Wall, Metalocalypse, Bravest Warriors

Now, that was it for today. If you guys like it, I'll make another one.
Do you think I've missed some? Let me know in the comments!


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