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I think that by now a large portion of us have seen Noah. It isn't the most biblical movie, even though it's based off of biblical events. This is why I think this movie is awesome:

1. Fallen Angels

These guys are SO not biblical. These guys are pretty awesome, though, willing to side with Noah even when they were unsure where they would go if they died. I had a hard time accepting their death; those guys were awesome. I loved that, even though the rest left Noah and his family to die, one came back to help. (I also loved how he was able to play with the kids. "Can't catch me! Can't catch me!)

2. The Grandfather

Noah's grandfather was awesome, too. I liked how he listened to his great-grandson speak for a while before just pretty much saying, "okay, go to sleep now," and made him sleep. That was pretty funny.

And his need for berries was awesome. I don't know why. It just was-- don't question it.

I also love how sneaky he is. Not only did he sneak something in Noah's drink, but he also gave Ila the ability to reproduce. Sneaky grandpa. He was the only reason humanity was able to continue.

3. The Wife

And one of my biggest reasons was Noah's wife. She didn't always side with Noah; she had a mind of her own, willing to protect her granddaughters when they were born. Unable to side with her husband when he said that the girls were to die, she insisted that they were boys when Noah was done fighting in attempt to stop Noah from killing them. (She wasn't very believable, but she tried.)

I was a little worried when Noah spotted the girls. I was like, "No! He can't kill them! I understand he's stressed, but he can't-!" In the last moment, he put the knife down, later declaring that he couldn't kill them.

4. The Dreams

The dreams were freaky, but a huge part of the movie. It's the dreams that bring him to his grandfather and bring him to build the ark. While terrifying, weird, graphic, and detailed, they are also very clear, and I understood almost right away what they meant. (Maybe because I've read the bible, maybe not.) The creator definitely knew how to send clear dreams!

5. Mercy

I can't forget the mercy. Noah, in the end, didn't kill the little girls, and God was okay with that. He also received the Fallen Angels and gave them hope. If that doesn't show mercy, I don't know what does.


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