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We have all seen the normal Hulk who just loves to smash basically anything he can get his big green hands on, but basically every Hulk and Marvel fan has always wanted to see the Red Hulk on the big screen, but we have always wondered will he even appear, well let's talk about the possibility of him appearing on the big screen!

What will General Ross's role be in civil war?

Ross changing to Red Hulk
Ross changing to Red Hulk

We would all love to see our very own General Ross turn into the Red Hulk but let's talk about the possibility of seeing him on the big screen. We are going to be seeing General Ross which is going to be exciting since he and Tony may be working together in the movie to put the mutant registration act in motion and I'm pretty sure Captain America isn't going to be to excited to hear that news from anyone, but back to the topic the possible Red Hulk appearance may be slim to none.

The possibility of any Hulk VS Red Hulk

Hulk VS Red Hulk
Hulk VS Red Hulk

The Red Hulk and Hulk are obviously enemies, but every marvel fan knows that way before there was Red Hulk we only had Hulk and General Ross and Ross went to any and every length to get the Hulk in captivity. General Ross worked with the Abomination for Gods sake, He is strong and has basically the same ability's. The real question is will there be a Hulk movie that will have Hulk VS The Red hulk and the possibility is not that high. The main reason being Universal still owns the rights to Hulk and well they most likely haven't even thought of a Hulk movie where Red Hulk comes into play and they duke it out for a bit.

Could Civil War possibly put a Hulk movie featuring Red Hulk into progress?

Both Hulk and Red Hulk looking angry as ever!
Both Hulk and Red Hulk looking angry as ever!

There could be a possibility for [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) to set it up, the reason for this crazy theory of mine is as Ross help's with the Mutant Registration Act he will ask about Bruce because every person knows Hulk is on the same team as the avengers and so Tony will possibly tell him what has happen to Bruce and knowing Ross will come up with a brilliant idea to take him down and will think about changing into the Red Hulk, just so that he can simply kill the Hulk and just end it all and move on, because come on he is completely obsessed with him in the comics.

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