ByMatthew Banks, writer at

Since Spiderman is now joining the marvel cinematic universe everyone been wondering who will play the role well we all knew how Andrew Garfield is fired marvel and Sony dislike him and fans been thinking who could be it rumored has it the original Spiderman Toby Maguire will be back as the one who is Spiderman and may be the only one along side with James Franco and Kristen dunst says a lot of fans always wanted Spiderman to be along side his avengers teammates but when the 1st avenger movie hit theaters back in 2012 same time when Andrew Garfield Spiderman movie came fans been saying if Spiderman joins the mcu they will not want Andrew Garfield and rather the actual Spiderman some has been speculating that Toby Maguire will be back with James Franco James will be the new goblin Spiderman sidekick but in a away would it be left off Spiderman 3 or new story or have the time stone and bring back Harry Osborn or what different universe or what.

would you like to see Toby back share your response down below.


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